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  1. P

    Completing the Trilogy - Breath, Tears, and ???

    Some may disagree, but I think the Breath of the Wild / Tears of the Kingdom continuity demands an epic conclusion. Tears ended on a great note, but Zelda and the Sages' job was clearly unfinished. The castle is still in shambles. Master Kohga is still out there. The Kingdom of Hyrule still...
  2. Pokémaniac13

    Spoilers for TotK

    This thread is for people who want to talk about spoilers, but don’t want to spoil the game for other players. People can talk about the gameplay trailer and the game itself (once it comes out) and theorize without bothering anyone who wants to stay spoiler free. Once the game comes out, I will...
  3. twilitfalchion

    Monster Hunter Rise monster tier list - ranking Rise's pre-Sunbreak roster from best to worst

    Basically the title. Before Sunbreak releases later this year, thought it'd be interesting to rank and compare our rankings for Rise's monster roster as of now. Needless to say, this will include every monster in-game, so spoilers. My thoughts on the roster as it is now (individual tiers not...
  4. BaroisLoose

    Spoiler [SPOILERS] How Ganondorf Dragmire got his Trident vs how Ganon got the Triforce

    Hi everyone! This will be my first lore related discussion! This will be on how I believe Ganondorf ACTUALLY got his Trident In Four Swords Adventures and how the Legend might have mixed it up with how he got the Triforce! First of all,this is based on the aLttP=Child Era placement which many...
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