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  1. R

    MM-N64 Keep losing save data after turning off system

    I've had this copy of Majora's Mask for about a year but this is the 1st time in a while I've played it. When I opened it up it had no save data. I played up until I learned the song of healin and then saved at the owl and turned off the N64. But when I started it up again my save file was gone...
  2. J

    The Wind Waker Ghost ship doesn't appear?

    Hello! This is my first post idk if I labeled it right but I'll take all the help I can get with this one :D Im playing through wind waker right now and I'm on the ghost ship quest where I'm supposed to go to all the different islands when the moon is in the right state and get the triforce...
  3. G

    Breath of the Wild Good ways to get strong armor?

    I want to beat Lynel but keep dying
  4. P

    Wind Waker, I need help

    Hope this post is allowed. I’m new here, and this also looked like the best place to post it. As big of a Zelda fan as I am, I have yet to fully complete Wind Waker! Something always comes up! I don’t want to give up, but I am completely stuck, I’ve even snooped out some walkthroughs, and can’t...
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