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The Wind Waker Ghost ship doesn't appear?

Jul 27, 2021
Hello! This is my first post idk if I labeled it right but I'll take all the help I can get with this one :D

Im playing through wind waker right now and I'm on the ghost ship quest where I'm supposed to go to all the different islands when the moon is in the right state and get the triforce charts.

I started on Diamond Steppe island where I got the Ghost ship chart and I used song of passing to make it night and the ghost ship appeared so I just went into it, grabbed the triforce chart and found the first piece.
After that though I have gone to the other islands when the moon is in the correct state (I even looked at multiple guides to make sure I had the right idea) but the ghost ship doesn't appear anymore.

For example right now I'm on Moon crescent island and the moon is full. I've tried standing on the island to look around and also traveled around the area by boat but no ghost ship. I tried waiting for nighttime and then warping to the correct island and I also tried being on the island beforehand and then use the song of passing to make it night time. This doesn't work on multiple islands.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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