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  1. SuperGanondorf

    Ocarina of Time Did You Really Find the Water Temple As Hard As People Say?

    I was stuck on it for months. With a strategy guide. Damn the Water Temple.
  2. SuperGanondorf

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Just finished replaying WW yesterday, and I am now about 80% done with a replay of Scaler, an epic but basically unknown GameCube game that is fast-paced, fun, and decently long the first time through. The second playthrough is taking next to no time, but the first was a blast.
  3. SuperGanondorf

    What Was Your Very First Video Game?

    Either Donkey Kong Country or Mario 64, not sure which. The first games I ever owned myself were Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Super Mario Advance, Pac-Man Collection, and another game I don't remember, all for GBA. The first game I ever beat was Link's Awakening.
  4. SuperGanondorf

    Future 3D Mario Games: Non-Linear, Please

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I've been of this opinion for quite some time. Mario 64 is king because it gave you a decent handful of areas to get to know like the back of your hand when searching through for stars. Sunshine did this very well too, though some levels, specifically the...
  5. SuperGanondorf

    Super mario 64 & super mario sunshine

    Yes, I still play both of these truly classic games, though I haven't for a while. I certainly consider Sunshine a classic- fun, enormous, alive, and with lots of replay value. I never did 100% it- the only 3D Mario I've done that with is 64- but I do plan on returning to the game sometime...
  6. SuperGanondorf

    Story or Gameplay?

    Story was the sole reason I bothered playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 after the first five minutes, since the gameplay was "meh" at the best of times and "why the hell am I even playing this" at the worst. I can put up with a game that has poor gameplay if the story is strong enough. It really...
  7. SuperGanondorf

    Games Other Than Zelda?

    Ace Attorney series- Teh epicness. My favorite series after Zelda. I love these games. Professor Layton- I love the professor. Everything about this series is amazing- the music, the puzzles, the story, the cutscenes, everything. Castlevania- I love a stiff challenge. Mario- Best: Mario...
  8. SuperGanondorf

    Is It Worth Buying? People Who Have Experienced It Should Kno

    Well, of course it's worth buying! Well, once Nintendo actually back up their system with actual good games later in the year. I'll be waiting until Nintendo releases something good. For such a hyped console, Nintendo is certainly disappointing at launch. Of course, when OoT 3D comes out all...
  9. SuperGanondorf

    Best Game Story

    The Ace Attorney series, hands down. Really, the story is the game, as the gameplay consists mostly of textboxes and awesome sprites. Trials and Tribulations, in particular, had an excellent story. And an ending that made me cry three separate times. Touching, beautiful, heartwarming, and with...
  10. SuperGanondorf

    Donkey Kong Country Returns Review

    Great review! I thought this game was excellent, and personally I thought it deserved Game of the Year over Galaxy any day. The only thing I didn't like about this game was the motion control. Shake to hand-slap, fine, that works. But mapping somersaulting to a shake was a horrible design...
  11. SuperGanondorf

    What is the Last Movie You Watched.

    Yesterday I saw Limitless. That was an amazing movie.
  12. SuperGanondorf

    Your Favorite GAME OVER Screen

    Personally, I love the Castlevania ones. They are often overly creepy and completely irrelevant to anything in the game, but they look awesome. Case in point: The Portrait of Ruin game over screen. Imagine the words "Game Over" written here in gothic lettering (I couldn't find the image with...
  13. SuperGanondorf

    Your Favorite GAME OVER Screen

    What does that one look like, exactly...? I just now realized, I played through the whole game and have no idea what the game over screen looks like.
  14. SuperGanondorf

    Your Favorite GAME OVER Screen

    I Wanna Be The Guy. Most memorable, but then again you'll be seeing this far more often than anything else in the whole game: This text is displayed over the screen. The music that plays is brief, yet is the most common theme in the game.
  15. SuperGanondorf


    If you have WiFi for the Wii, I would HIGHLY recommend downloading Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney from WiiWare. It's a port of a DS title of the same name, and it is amazing. It lacks replayability, but it'll last you a good long while and it only costs $10. I'd highly recommend that one. The...
  16. SuperGanondorf

    Is Zelda to Easy?

    Well, I think some of the games could stand to be more difficult, but overall I think the difficulty fits well with the series. The focus has, for the most part, shifted from the combat-centric formula of the original two games to the more slow-paced, puzzle-centric version we see today. They...
  17. SuperGanondorf

    Most Favorite Zelda Character

    1. Tingle This guy is so underrated it's not even funny. He is hilarious, weird, and quirky. And he has the best magic words ever, even if they are useless. Well actually they make confetti appear, so it's no that useless... 2. Marin She was so awesome! And the ending she starred in was the...
  18. SuperGanondorf

    BS Zelda...should It Count?

    Wow. I never actually knew about this. Whenever I see "BS Zelda," a different interpretation of the abbreviation comes to mind... I need to play these.
  19. SuperGanondorf

    Where Should I Start?

    I'd hardly call Super Mario Sunshine a cakewalk, but everything else Master Kokiri 9 just said is true. Though I must add, if you love Zelda (which I assume you do, seeing that you are a member of this website), Metroid is the closest you'll get out of the three series you just mentioned.
  20. SuperGanondorf

    One Game

    Tetris DS. I could play marathon mode until my eyes fall out. Provided I have unlimited battery. But yes, Tetris is one of the few games I know with basically unlimited replay value.
  21. SuperGanondorf

    Where Should I Start?

    All three games in the Metroid Prime series (Hunters doesn't count. If you get a DS DO NOT get MPHunters) are incredible (well, 2 can be just painfully annoying at times, but it's usually fun). You can get lost in those games for hours at a time. The moody atmospheres and haunting music are...
  22. SuperGanondorf

    Favorite Mario Kart Game

    Double Dash!!, hands down. The dual-character setup was brilliant and fun, the special items added a whole new dimension to the gameplay, there were tons of unlockables, and it had the best courses in the series by leaps and bounds. Not to mention the karts. Wii is number 2, but that's mainly...
  23. SuperGanondorf

    3DS Launch Titles: What Are You Getting?

    SSF4 and Super Monkey Ball 3D. Which appear to be the only good launch titles, at least the ones that warrant my money. I'm extremely disappointed in Nintendo for their weak showing at the 3DS launch- Nintendogs? Pilotwings? Some other random game? That's ALL? For shame, Nintendo. For shame. I...
  24. SuperGanondorf

    Rate the Zelda Games.

    Ocarina of Time 100% Majora's Mask 95% Twilight Princess 91% The Wind Waker 90% A Link to the Past 84% The Legend of Zelda 65% Adventure of Link 30% Conveniently, the list was already in my order of preference.
  25. SuperGanondorf

    3DS or NGP?

    Let's compare. Nintendo has Zelda, Mario, Kid Icarus, Pokemon, Smash Bros, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Kirby, Earthbound, Mario Kart, and Pikmin. Sony has Metal Gear Solid and Little Big Planet. Wonder which system I'll be choosing. That's a tough one.
  26. SuperGanondorf

    Spoiler Hardest Zelda Boss!

    Haven't finished the original or AoL, but these are the only bosses I remember having trouble with: Gyorg- The nastiest battle ever. He gets up too fast and even with Zora Link you don't move fast enough. Gleeok (LoZ)- I hate 2-headed dragons. That is all. Dragon Onox (OoS)- I don't remember...
  27. SuperGanondorf

    Who in the Zelda Series Would You Like to Play As Other Than Link?

    Ganondorf. Trying to take over the world rather than save it would be epic. It could be more like a tactical strategy game where you organize your minions to victory. I would totally play that.
  28. SuperGanondorf

    Cave Story

    Thank you. Currently stuck on Monster X. He is HARD, since 1 hit=death. All the Gaudi firing lazers at you during the battle don't help either. But it is very tricky, since he fires about 5 million lazers at a time. Also I beat Boss Rush mode yesterday. Without the Life Pot. I am amazed.
  29. SuperGanondorf

    Favorite Dungeon in the Zelda Series

    SPOILERS AHEAD Stone Tower- One of the most creative and well-executed ideas in the series. Not to mention the haunting, eerie, and catchy music. Mermaid's Cave (OoA)- The time travel mechanic was well used here- bombing a wall in the past would open a room in the present, for instance. Too...
  30. SuperGanondorf

    More Darknuts!!!

    They should be harder. The more difficult, the better. Though fighting four at a time on your second trip through the Cave of Ordeals is a nightmare... Though just using bombs takes much of the difficulty away. The Darknuts in Wind Waker were just really annoying, since all you could do to them...
  31. SuperGanondorf

    Here's Something I Don't Get

    Well, here's a possible explanation: The light is in Zelda's soul, not her body. Her body is the perfect vessel for supreme power. Normally her soul would block evil from inhabiting her body, but if that were sealed away by darkness, then the villain could take over. Notice that in TP Ganon was...
  32. SuperGanondorf

    Hand-Held History of Nintendo

    I remember when the original DS came out... It was AMAZING! The DSi and Lite are cool and all, but it's the giant hunk of plastic that was the original that really brought it home how awesome Nintendo was. Also some of the Game & Watch stuff was frickin' weird. Like the Crystal Screen series...
  33. SuperGanondorf

    General Classic Favourite Classic Zelda Game

    Link's Awakening is not on the list, even though it is classic and was released in the middle of this time period. Other than OoT, LA wins. Why is it not on the list.
  34. SuperGanondorf

    What Zelda Might Be the Best First One

    Link's Awakening for pretty much any player. It eases the player into the difficulty curve, from the simple and easy opening dungeons to the convoluted mazes of the last three dungeons. It is also, at least in my opinion, by far the best 2D Zelda of them all. The game is a classic and its...
  35. SuperGanondorf

    Which Lost BGM Theme Is The Best.

    OoT, hands down. Saria's Song is one of the most classic pieces of gaming music ever.
  36. SuperGanondorf

    Spoiler Most Epic Final Bosses in Your Opinion?

    Ace Attorney series All five games in this amazing series have epic final showdowns between the lead character and the ultimate villain. All of these moments are just loaded with awesomeness, especially since you are against all odds during these fights. The main thing that sets these games...
  37. SuperGanondorf

    What is the Hardest Game You Have Played or Beat?

    I Wanna Be The Guy, absolutely no question whatsoever. Majora's Mask, Castlevania, AoL, Mega Man... Those games are a complete cakewalk compared to the RAEG that the freeware PC game IWBTG induces. Basic summary of the game: You are the Kid. You want to be The Guy. To do this, you must kill The...
  38. SuperGanondorf

    Cave Story

    Cave Story is AMAZING. One man made a more engaging and enjoyable game than most companies are able to muster. That is the ultimate achievement, in my book. The game is unbelievably engaging, and the subtle unfolding of what is really happening in the game is brilliant. Not only that, but it is...
  39. SuperGanondorf

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    My current main venture: I Wanna Be The Fangame. And dang is it hard. Other objectives: Unlock all events in the Event Recap mode of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. ONLY TWO LEFT! Beat Final Fantasy IV DS. Make awesome levels in Super Scribblenauts. Sonic Colors. Soon I will attempt to 100% Cave...
  40. SuperGanondorf

    Favorite Video Game Cover

    Whoops! Forgot one of the best boxarts for one of the best, most amazing games ever made:
  41. SuperGanondorf

    Majora's Mask Fav Useless Mask

    Circus Leader's Mask is the best, just because of what the Gorman Bros. say when you talk to them wearing it XD Bremen Mask because it plays one of the best songs in the game.
  42. SuperGanondorf

    What Was Your First Zelda Game?

    Link's Awakening, which was also the first game I ever beat. The music from that game is a nostalgia bomb, and subsequent replays have been just as amazing as the first. Not a bad game to get someone addicted to a series, that's for sure.
  43. SuperGanondorf

    How Many Zelda Games Have You Played? Beat?

    Played: All but the CD-i ones, which I have absolutely no intention of playing. Beaten: All but LoZ and AoL. Almost done with LoZ, tho.
  44. SuperGanondorf

    Favorite President

    In no particular order: Reagan Washington Jefferson Eisenhower Lincoln Coolidge Kennedy (with reservations) Nixon (also with reservations) Those are all the presidents that come to mind right now. The Founding Fathers were some of the greatest men the world has ever known. Reagan was amazing...
  45. SuperGanondorf

    Favorite Video Game Cover

    This is the best boxart ever. Period. And this is #2.
  46. SuperGanondorf

    Which Game Had the Best Hyrule/Termina Field?

    Well, Majora's Mask had the best Termina Field, hands down. The best field was TP, though, because of its sheer beauty and actual things to do.
  47. SuperGanondorf

    Ocarina of Time What Did You Hate About Ocarina of Time?

    Well, I had a hard time with the Water Temple with a walkthrough and map in front of me. But I didn't care at all for the Skulltula sidequest. Yeah, finding some for unique items was fun, but finding them all is not enjoyable in the least, since there is no hint system or any indication of where...
  48. SuperGanondorf

    Who Likes Justin Bieber?

    I don't hate her, but Justine Bieber's music really sucks. That is all.
  49. SuperGanondorf

    If You Could Erase Your Memory of a Zelda Game and Replay It What One Would It Be?

    LA, no contest. The entire game was beautiful, charming, and expansive, and the plot twist at the end was one of the best.
  50. SuperGanondorf

    A Link to the Past Why People Don't Like It That Much?

    This was my second Zelda after LA. This game is AMAZING, and still the only one I've 100%ed, which I did on a plane WITHOUT A GUIDE (though I did use a guide on my first playthrough because I was like 6).
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