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  1. Mixtoplix

    Left-Handed Option? Should There Be One...

    I am actually really glad!!! They switched him to become a righty!! It saves me the trouble in having to use my left hand.... Sorry for all the leftys out there!!
  2. Mixtoplix

    Release Date April or Later?

    My guess will be April as well!
  3. Mixtoplix

    Will SS Be the Last Zelda Game?

    It came up in my paranoid mind!!! :mellow:
  4. Mixtoplix

    Will SS Be the Last Zelda Game?

    I have been playing Zelda all my life!!! T_T I am a huge fan, and each time a new Zelda game comes out! I always get the feeling that they are finished with the Zelda series!!! Its like a scary movie replaying over, and over.. Also the creaters!!! they are awesome they are getting in there...
  5. Mixtoplix

    Will SS Be the Last Zelda Game?

    I do not know :S I am just getting really paranoid!! like what if they stop making Zelda games, when Miyamoto, or Anouma pass on? Like all I know is they put a lot of thought into Skyward sword! would it be possible if this was to be the last new game in the series? will they now start making...
  6. Mixtoplix

    Will SS Be the Last Zelda Game?

    What I mean by this, is will they stop making new Zelda games after Skyward sword? like they are already making remakes now! :O
  7. Mixtoplix

    ...Link Has Fists....

    Yay!!! Boxing!!!! :lol: :yes: Its possible that we will be boxing in the game, just like on wii sports!!!!
  8. Mixtoplix


    Exactly!! the reason why the master sword was forged was to stop Ganon! :O The sages forged it in ALttp! so of course Ganon would have to be in it!!! :P
  9. Mixtoplix

    Should Skyward Sword Have a Take Em All on Challenge?

    Awesome idea!!!! hope it happens!!!! :D
  10. Mixtoplix

    If Link Were A Woman

    If Link were a women!!! Then he would be completely cute!!!! then I would always play Tp!!!! cause he would probubly look really cute in that game!!!! ^^
  11. Mixtoplix

    Skydiving Link

    Skydiving Link!!! ^^ Sounds great to watch!!! I am wierd that way XD
  12. Mixtoplix

    Nickname for Skyloft

    City of the flying people!!!! :xd: City of the sky!!!! The sky village!! :lol:
  13. Mixtoplix

    Link Can Jump?

    He can Jump!!! He can also run!!!! is that not kewl!!! or what!!! ^^
  14. Mixtoplix


    I do not mind if it is Non-linear or not!! :P as long as it is fun to play!!!!! :nod: I also like any storyline! That Zelda produces!!!! :yes:
  15. Mixtoplix

    Are You Psyched for Skyward Sword?

    Totally!!! Totally!!! Totally!!! Psyched!! :D The motion controls!!! the cute lovely colorful graphics!!! the game is as pretty as a rainbow in the sky!! I love rainbows!! ^^ The epic storyline!!! :D I cannot wait to play the game!! Its going to take me a while to get the game!! but I am...
  16. Mixtoplix


    You will be able to explore the vast land of skyloft!!!! :D Yay!!! Then you will find the Skyward sword, and become her friend. Then you will fall off a cliff, and land into the world of Hyrule!!! Do not worry Link will not get hurt, cause he is tooo cute!!! to get hurt!!! ;D
  17. Mixtoplix

    7 and a Half More Months Till Skyward Sword Comes Out?

    Yay! I cannot wait!!! ^^ of course I do not mind waiting seven, and a half more months! cause I think by then I should be able to afford it!!! XD other then that I really cannot wait! its going to be a lot of fun to play!!!! :D
  18. Mixtoplix


    @Pocket Asian you do have a really good point there! XD @Link-182 yeah I know ^^
  19. Mixtoplix


    I actually think the reason why he turns into cute animals ^^ is because its the power of his triforce peace XD In Skyward sword if they turn him into a rabbit! then he would be able to bounce! you could move your wii remote down, and up really fast for him to jump, and speed run at the same...
  20. Mixtoplix

    Favorite Zelda Animal

    I would have to say a pig ^^ Oink Oink!
  21. Mixtoplix

    If You Lost All Your Zelda Games but Could Only Keep Three.

    I cannot pick three :O I love them all!!! I guess Tp, OoT, and TWW XD but then again I would want something handheld!! I could not pick between ALttp, MC, Ph, ST!!! I love them all!!! :O oh dear........
  22. Mixtoplix

    Spoiler Link's Top Five Moments of Awesomeness

    I like all of Links moments, it does not matter which one to me! they all are pretty well epic!!!
  23. Mixtoplix

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    I do not have a favorite!! I like all of them equally ^^
  24. Mixtoplix

    Are the Sages Dead?

    You make a lot of sence!! :O maybe they really are just cute ghosts floating around in the sacred realm!!! ^^
  25. Mixtoplix

    Link is THE REAL BAD GUY!!!

    LoL!!!! Link cannot be a bad guy!! he is tooo cute ^^ I also love cute things!!!! Cute things are not bad?
  26. Mixtoplix

    Skyward Sword Treasure Seeking-ability... What Kind of Treasure Are We Talking About?

    Awesome!!!! I cannot wait!!! I wonder what it is? I hope it is extremely colorful!!!!
  27. Mixtoplix

    Proof of Sidequests in Skyward Sword?

    I love side quests!!! they make the TLoz! fun!!! ^^
  28. Mixtoplix

    Skyward Sword Spirit Has No Arms?

    In this world! Arms do not matter its the cuteness that counts!! :puppy:
  29. Mixtoplix

    Golden Enemies

    :yes: Exactly! wipe them all out at once!!! :lol:
  30. Mixtoplix

    Skyward Sword Spirit Has No Arms?

    She does not need arms!! She is cute the way she is! that is that!!! XD
  31. Mixtoplix

    Skyward Sword 2 Player Possibilities

    Neat!! Fun!!! Mix wants to play :D
  32. Mixtoplix

    Golden Enemies

    Bring on the Golden challenge!!!!!!
  33. Mixtoplix


    ;) But if Link turned into a Rabbit! with the games animation as it is, the game would be epic :xd: also it would be awesome to catch the rabbits, cause does Link not run, and jump in the game? it would be a fun experiance in my eyes!!! you would literally have to catch the rabbit!!!
  34. Mixtoplix

    After the Ending of Skyward Sword

    Awesome idea!!! I have been waiting for a game like that for years!!!!! :D
  35. Mixtoplix

    Link's Face

    Link does not look like a girl in either game, he has been in!!! XDDDD Actually Link looks sexy in each game!!! I love what they did to his pants in skyward sword smexy!!!!! :D
  36. Mixtoplix

    How Old is Link if He is Gonna Be the Oldest?

    I hope he is 20!!!! :D Cause then he will be older then me again!!! XD
  37. Mixtoplix


    What do you guys think about Rabbits being in Skyward sword? Maybe Link might turn into a Rabbit again :xd:
  38. Mixtoplix

    Skyward Sword 2 Player Possibilities

    NO!! That would suck XD Like honestly they already have a game where you can play with four people O_O
  39. Mixtoplix

    Far Away Battle

    YAY!! for beams!!! :D it will make battle way more easier!!! ^^
  40. Mixtoplix

    Will Nintendo Say Anything New?

    They might come up with another interview when the games released ^^ its just my guess!!
  41. Mixtoplix


    It would have to be Ganon because! well the master sword was made to stop Ganon XD ignore my other posts! I was kind of stupid at the time XDDD which happens a lot XDDDD (Brain damage Ten months old) >.> I just hope Ganons in it!! :xd: Also in this game? the skyward sword becomes the master...
  42. Mixtoplix

    Where Are the Goddesses Now?

    They are in the heavens smoking a joint? where else could they be the bar?
  43. Mixtoplix


    Link pulls the sword out of the pedestal, and his sidekick gives him a sheath.
  44. Mixtoplix

    Spoiler How Does Ganondorf Have the Triforce of Power in TP?

    I always thought that Din, gave the triforce to him, it did say "divine prank" and is Din not divine in her godly ways?
  45. Mixtoplix

    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    OoT, Tp, WW, TLoZ, AoL (only when Link dies) ALttp, Fsa, OoA, thats all I know soo far!!!
  46. Mixtoplix

    Sheikah-Eye of Mystery

    The Eye of truth O_O is represented as a power to see things that no mortal eye can see, maybe they have that power? :lol: Also for the howling stone, and the wooden marking, it could represent that The eye of truth was hidden in that domain before.
  47. Mixtoplix

    Who Are the "Dark Interlopers?"

    The Dark interlopers, are the ancestors of the twili that live in the twilight realm. The leader of the interlopers is Midna`s descendent, since she tells Link that, before entering abiters grounds. It could be possible that the sheikah, are somehow related to the interlopers, cause in OoT as...
  48. Mixtoplix

    Skyloft Possibly Linking to the Sacred Realm?

    ugh..... I do not know about Skyloft being linked to the sacred realm.... They Say the game will be short, and have deep meaning but I do not know about them using the Sacred Realm........?
  49. Mixtoplix

    ZSS's End

    I would like a second adventure..........after the credits :D
  50. Mixtoplix

    Hub World in Skyward Sword?

    possibly they will do that! but I do not care its a Zelda Game!!!! :D
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