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    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You are banned for being a pancake!
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    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for being mean!
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    Things That Are on Your Mind

    what dress to wear for my new shop. :)
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    Rate the Avatar!

    Oh that looks nice. =]
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    Last One to Post Wins.

    I enjoy a game of golf =]
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    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    Yes I will get it. :lol:
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Super mario bros ! :lol:
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    GenGAME: Third Parties Don't Know How to Use Wii U

    Oh but it's true. :lol: Just look at the poor wii. I hope something happens for the wii U :lol: I'll get Atticus the tornado chaser on the case. :lol:
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    [Review] Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

    Thank you for the review, I have a lot of reading to do. :lol:
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    Did Anyone else Have a Hard Time Finding Rupees in SS?

    No I found it easier than finding my socks. :lol: I know for some people that's hard. :lol: Oh I must freak some of you out, I'm sooo sorry. :lol:
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    Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Wishes

    I might also add I wish for more characters. I don't care what that man said. I want more :lol: Give me toon link. :lol:
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    The Effects of Flaws in the Zelda Series

    If a Zelda game has flaws it makes me loose hope in the series. :lol: That is the only effect of a Zelda flaw. It's all about reaching your goals and going for perfection. :lol:
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    Toon Zelda in Next SSB?

    I want toon link to be in the next SSB. :lol: I don't think he will, because the current link it's already pretty cartooney. :lol:
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    Hardest Dungeon in Zelda History?

    Water temple for OOT. :lol: It's so damn annoying. :lol:
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    Paperclips Banned in Manchester Because of Risk of Injury

    It's because everyone wants to cut down the deathrate. :lol: You can' always protect everyone. It get's so silly and this happens. :lol:
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    DC or Marvel?

    Marvel :lol: I don't know anything else that's as fun as Marvel. DC are just boring to me. :lol:
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    Favourite Race/species from the LoZ Series?

    My favorite race are the great fairy's. :lol: Total nutters. :lol:
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    Twilight Princess Does Ganondorf Even Fight Seriously or is It All a Joke to Him?

    Ganondorf has always underestimated Link. :lol: He didn't take him seriously here. You can tell by just how cockey he was. :lol:
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    Other Franchises Zelda Could Emulate

    I wish the Zelda franchise would emulate a better combat system. :lol: Maybe we can have some Uncharted combat. :lol: Oh and I hope no one says Grand theft auto. :lol: Ragdoll physics would actually go well in Zelda. :lol:
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    Card Games

    I still obtain Pokemon cards. :lol: I make such bad habits. :lol:
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    Paperclips Banned in Manchester Because of Risk of Injury

    :lol: That's the crazy laws of today. Health and safety extreme. :lol: Soon everyone will have to live in padded houses. :lol:
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    I Am Against YouTube's Dislike Button.

    Oh but then how so ,will I know a video is really bad, I would have to waste even more time of my life. :lol:
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    About Bronies...

    I still retain my previous comment. It's an evil show. :lol: I admire my little ponies animation. Any show with Tara Strongs voice is good to watch for me. :lol:
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I'm so liek playing sum Donkey kong. Anyone else wanna play. :lol:
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    Pikmin Returns!!! Woot!

    I my baby pikmin is back ! :lol: The cute aspects of this game has always been my favorite part of it. :lol:
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    Why EA Will Not Be Supporting The Wii U

    Hang in there Van Man ! :lol: It's just one game. I think EA may port some of this series anyway. :lol: It's more money for them if they do so. I so agree with the online pass Van man, I hate those. I'm grateful EA isn't stinking up the wii U :lol:
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    Why EA Will Not Be Supporting The Wii U

    :lol: EA are such a terrible group of mean clowns. :lol: I don't care about EA anymore and don't care if their games are on wii u. I wasn't going to buy their games anyway. :lol: On one last note, Origin is utter ****. :lol:
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    Least Favourite Game of Your Favourite Series?

    Well I don't like skyward sword all to well, It's music was superb. :lol: Motion controls were terrible and the game was way too easy. :lol:
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    Resident Evil 6 Discussion Thread (Keep Everything About RE6 Here)

    I know it is ! :lol: The new game-play is fine, people complain about everything don't they. :lol: I cannot wait ! :lol:
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    Did You Like the Imprisoned?

    Oh it wasn't so bad guys. :lol: I enjoyed it really. :lol:
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    What is the Funniest Thing That You Had Happen (physics or Glitch Wise) in Zelda?

    My horse in OoT, spaz flipped everywhere, then fell through the floor. :lol: A normal day in the life of Link. :lol:
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    What Kind of Character Do You Prefer To Play As?

    I prefer playing as a human. I don't mind animals. :lol:
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Super mario land 3D :lol:
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    Your Wii Game Collection

    Okay every mario game out there on the wii :lol: -Metroid prime 3 -Zelda Skyward sword -Zelda twilight princess -Kirbys epic yarn -Wii sports -Wii sports resort -Warioware -Madworld
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    Your History with Video Games

    Oh my goodness, it looks like some peoples life stories ARE video game. :lol: I started with a nes and went all the way up the Nintendo line of consoles. :lol: I do own a playstation 2 and 3 now. :lol:
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    Who Do You Play As in Mario Spin-offs?

    It's gotta be Yoshi ! He's so cute hehe. :lol:
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    Why Do You Play Video Games?

    Video games enable me to unwind and relax, plus video games are fun. :lol:
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    Borderlands 2

    PC is ahead of consoles in term of power. Why should PC gamers have a watered down version of a console game. :lol: Battlefield 3 was also a game that was ahead of the console version. You will just have to deal, with the fact that PC gamers have better rigs, than consoles. Don't pay attention...
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    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    My Zelda themed 3DS. :lol:
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    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    The CD-I games, just nooooo ! :lol:
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    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Zelda in skyward sword, she's so sweet in this incarnation. :lol:
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    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Ocarina of Time all the way ! :lol:
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    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    I don't like tingle he's such a weird nutter. :lol: I find a lot of the zelda characters really strange anyway. :lol:
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    Could the Next Zelda Game Do Without a Companion?

    Well it doesn't need a companion. I like to believe it adds to the richness of the game-play and interaction. :lol: I feel lonely without my companion. :( :lol:
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    Favorite Pokémon From Each Generation

    Gen 1 - Pigiot Gen 2 - Bayleaf Gen 3 - Mudkip Gen 4 - Glaceon Gen 5 - Tepig
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    Your Favorite Champion

    Yey ! So many votes for Cynthia. :lol: Cynthia was a very calm and remained her cool, she was polite, friendly and charming. :lol:
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    Did You Like the Poketch?

    Yes I wonder why Gamefreak got rid of it. :lol: I found the poketech very useful. :lol:
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    How Many Hours Have You Clocked on a Single Game

    254 hours on Pokemon sapphire. :lol:
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    Your Favorite Fire Type

    Pidgiot ! I love birdies, and it's a lovely looking pokemon. :lol: Runner up is ditto. :lol:
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    If You Were a Gym Leader, What Would Be Your Specialty?

    It must be the flying type. I love birdies, CHEEP CHEEP ! :lol:
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