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  1. Mr.Verto

    Zelda's Popularity Around the World (particularly in the UK)

    Well here in Central America, it is dead. I often get asked what is it that I play, and when I say Zelda they ask me what is that. Culture here is very reserved so few people get out of their comfort gaming zone (CoD to be exact). If I had to guess where the most dense Zelda fan...
  2. Mr.Verto

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Bite them so that they turn into humans, you can't beat logic. How can logic be beaten in purple?
  3. Mr.Verto

    Linebacks Wish.

    Well as you said the manga is not canon, so it isn't the best place to draw out conclusions. We know that he wished for his boat back. But what I believe is that Oshus returned Link to the real world and Linebeck simply was there when that happened and took the ride.
  4. Mr.Verto

    Size of Sidekicks

    In most Zelda games we have had sidekicks to annoy us and guide us in the right direction. Some are big, some are small. Others are fat others are skinny. But what size is the right size for a sidekick? We have fairy sized ones like: Navi, Tatl, and Ciela. We have Ezlo for clothing as...
  5. Mr.Verto

    How Long Do You Think the Zelda Franchise Will Go on For?

    As long as it makes money. Regardless it has fresh ideas or Miyamoto or Anouma are alive. Let's not forget Nintendo is a company. They run in money.
  6. Mr.Verto

    The Julius Game - Zelda

  7. Mr.Verto

    ZD Family and Relations

    My wife is mandym, none of you can argue. Not even her. Our children are Beeker and Tony, and Arkvoodle is their godfather. Majora's Cat is my brother same a Ganondork, K4KING and Nicole. None of the have escape.
  8. Mr.Verto

    Enemy Variety Vs. Enemy Depth

    I do believe SS enemies aren't the best in the series, and they could've been improved greatly. The design is hardly an issue...I really don't understand why people have trouble with that. What I do understand is that most enemies (Bokoblins) look exactly the same with few varying differences...
  9. Mr.Verto

    Is Adele a Fire or a Water Bender?

    And I set fire! To the rain! She water bends the water to overheat it and combust it? Or does she combust the water with fire bending? No poll cause I'm on mobile >:3
  10. Mr.Verto

    Spoiler Could the Kokiri Be the Stalchildren?

    It is very highly unlikely. If I am not mistaken, Stalchildren are simply children who got lost and died. You can only see them in child form since they only attack children. Why, I don't know. The ending of OoT show us that Kokiri can leave the forest, two of them prove this. Saria and...
  11. Mr.Verto

    Minish Cap Backstory?

    1. The power of the Goddess Hylia. 2. It is very uncertain to say. We can assume it is the Master Sword from SS in which Demise (who is pure evil) is imprisioned, and in MC pure evil was released from the sword. Mere speculation though. 3. The events of SS are perfect. Demise was...
  12. Mr.Verto

    Kikwis: What Would You Change to Them?

    The Kikwis were a pretty good race, different to what we have seen in the past of Zelda. Or atleast in my opinion. Did you like the Kikwis? What would you do to improve them? If not, why not and what would you to them? Discuss!
  13. Mr.Verto

    Why All the Hate for Skyward Sword's Bokoblins?

    At first sight they seem pretty cool...but after finishing the Skyview Temple they become a bother. Which is not wrong considering they are evil...and evil is not something pleasant :/ The fact that they block doesn't bother me...what bothers me is that they blocked for so long ._. If I went...
  14. Mr.Verto

    Light Tower

    It is likely Skyloftians didn't know its true purpose...even after Link made such a light show with it. They most likely used it to patrol at night, or as a place to hold ceremonies as we saw at the beggining of the game :p
  15. Mr.Verto

    Spoiler The Buildings After the Story

    I base it of two things: 1. The Isle of Songs is roughly in the dessert area in SS 2. It is a tower, just like the Arbitrers Grounds. Not as a big but a tower nonetheless. As I said, I have no proof for this, this is my mere speculation.
  16. Mr.Verto

    Spoiler The Buildings After the Story

    I will not discuss the ending of Skyward Sword for spoiler reasons. Although spoilers are bound to appear anyway. Everything is an assumption, I have no proofs for this. ~Buildings~ After Skyward Sword ends, Zelda hints living in the surface. So it is more than safe to assume the people...
  17. Mr.Verto

    Skyward Sword Disappointing????

    It was not dissapointing. It was satisfying. In my humble opinion Skyward Sword was an amazing Zelda game, although as amazing as it was it couldve deliver a bit more. But if you notice a flaw to much you will forget about what is important, the game itself.
  18. Mr.Verto

    Timeshift Stone Paradox

    There is no past Link. Also it is him who activates the Timeshift, maybe that would affect a little. I am afraid to say this is just like in Ocarina of Time, if you dwell to deep in it you end up with a time-shift paradigm continium that is a pain to solve afterwards :)
  19. Mr.Verto

    Funny Rupee Fact

    In Skyward Sword when you got a red rupee, this message appeared: You found 20 rupees! Don't spend it all in one place! While in the Minish Cap (at least 3DS version) when you got a green rupee the following message appeared: You foun 1 rupee! Don't spend it all in one place! I think we...
  20. Mr.Verto

    Ask Ganon a Question

    I got ninja'd :0 Whenever I feel like reincarnate to disturb the timeline... Ganon ugrean?
  21. Mr.Verto

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Thats nasty.... Will I be Dr.Verto someday?
  22. Mr.Verto

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Cause when pressure is lowered, they cry and make a mess :yuck: Why is the why used in many question? Y?
  23. Mr.Verto

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    y no answer... Is butter made of hot gold incrusted with the soul of a leprachaun? (say yes, yes, yes, yes,yes,yes)
  24. Mr.Verto

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    They dont, they just laugh at you....and point at you....and kick you...and throw soup at you :kawaii: Do you liek mudkipz?
  25. Mr.Verto

    Ask Ganon a Question

    Mandym lieks me better.... Gani, why u so fat in WW?
  26. Mr.Verto

    Spoiler Gaining Temple/Dungeon Entrance

    As you said it is not so different from what it has been... We always require or accomplish a certain event or mission before we are let into the temple. As a great example, the twilight in TP. You coudnt advance until you have irradiated the twilight and then you had to "save" somehow the...
  27. Mr.Verto

    Spoiler Zelda's Scarf

    I find Link's napkin amusing... Though its an intersting find, maybe its just a common symbol around Skyloft. And then Link's differs a lot from Zelda's, he look a little bit more yellowish, but it might be judt for the enviroment we have seen it, and you can see a little design in the edges...
  28. Mr.Verto

    Spoiler Little Things About the Videos

    Oh well oops. In my defence the cost is really hidden, so it may be hard to see. And 30 rupees is pretty steep. The guy steals from you. He takes your materials and your money. ;3
  29. Mr.Verto

    Spoiler Little Things About the Videos

    Little things that I noticed: 1. If you notice when Link gets the jelly or the horn things, the sound that plays is exactly the same as the one in TP. 2. When Link lands in Skyloft there is a guy dressed in red, not so differently from Link 3. Keeses come arranged in angles, meaning you can...
  30. Mr.Verto

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?
  31. Mr.Verto

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Why not? Does the chemical properties of Lady Gaga and milk be used to cure cancer?
  32. Mr.Verto

    Upgrade System Video

    I hope this drops dont work the same way they did in ST, in which in a different game cards you would randomly get a ton of common item and just one or two of other "common" items, and seriously hope that 100 hours of gameplay isnt based on getting this silly items. Also I find it a...
  33. Mr.Verto

    Spoiler New SS Girl

    She has too be of importance somehow, or at least to Link. He clearly looks..worried of her leaving to this light and if Link is sad we are sad, so she is important. As for the tear in her shirt, no doubt she has to be a Sheikah or an early version of them, if not Nintendo will complicate thing...
  34. Mr.Verto

    Ghirahim Like Vaati?

    Ghirahim's designer is the same as Vaati's... So I guess the guy wasnt really inspired in doing it, or perhaps that is his style of villian-art. Though that both have very similar powers do seems intersting...but now again, the theme is sky so there would be a lot of wind-based monsters/devils
  35. Mr.Verto

    Skyward Sword DEFINITE Graphical Down-grade from Twilight Princess

    Thats the reason why people is excited in fact. Take it like a combination of TP's graphics and WW cell-shading. Im not a HUGE fan of the looks either but I definitly find them very creative and innovative.
  36. Mr.Verto

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    I didnt know a guest could post... Anyways Nabooru wins the contests, no arguements and if there is to choose a second place that would be definitly Saria... She is not a kid, she just looks like one....
  37. Mr.Verto

    Spoiler NEW VIDEO!!!

    It seems as the Eldin the light spirit as everyone else has said... But in another subject, it seems flying doesnt take too long, since we can see Link jumping from presumably Skyloft and it took like 5 seconds to get to his destination, also the zone was marked by a huge red laser-like light...
  38. Mr.Verto

    The Opposite Game

    Misery... [insert something random k] ZD
  39. Mr.Verto

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    A misconception of Newton's law of gravity combined with the chemical principles of Lady Gaga and milk. My clock says its 13:36...Did I traveled to a dimmension where we have 14 hours instead of 12?
  40. Mr.Verto

    Ask Ganon a Question

    I would hide in a green wall, why? Gani are you a taxi driver?
  41. Mr.Verto

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    A "feeling" created by industires to make you buy pink and sweet stuff in February, which is the slowest month of the year, since in December you go flat broke with presents. How can I know if something is real? How do I know IM REAl D: ?
  42. Mr.Verto

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Art is the next hall sorry, thou must go there Is is a misconception that the sky is blue, and if not what color is it....OMG RUN RUN!?!?!?!
  43. Mr.Verto

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    Tuhenteh >:3 Im a mawd start over
  44. Mr.Verto

    Twilight Princess TP and FOOD

    Well Midna does ask for bread... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_5e_lXxwL0 So yeah probably foods dont differ between realms, or perhaps they do as the monsters but have the same name. Either way we do know that people in Hyrle eat. When Link gets near the market he has the problem that he...
  45. Mr.Verto

    The Number on Save Profile....

    I belive this is the rupee count, since I cant remeber seen in OoT an specific area for death count. So pretty much rupees has to be. Also this is the wrong section.
  46. Mr.Verto

    Skyward Sword Gamelength

    Actually it has been stated that this game is not so long, but more dense like Majoras Mask. So I have to guess about 20-25 hours, 30 max. Now 100%, like in Majoras Mask, it takes some more time, so 100% in a first run I would dare to say 25-35 hours top.
  47. Mr.Verto

    Ocarina of Time Deities of The Zoras, Kokori and Gorons

    Well its pretty obvious for the Zoras and Kokiris... But as for the Gorons the subject is a little bit more complex. Maybe they dont have a deity at all, think about the things that were special or important to them. Say the Goron's Ruby, they held it in the center of their "village"...
  48. Mr.Verto

    SS release dates!!!

    Can you send a link to this... If you prove this is real, then this is are big FAT news, that are simply awesome :)
  49. Mr.Verto

    The Future of the Article Members and the Past SB Members.

    I have to disagree with this, partly. I do find it better that only users with a certain amount of reputation are abled to write articles and such, but as to view the Article Center I dont see why would you need certain rep. After all, it would be see and dont touch. No user can harm an Article...
  50. Mr.Verto

    Did You Know...?

    No I didnt D: Did you know that worms have 5 hearts! That means they can have 30 heart attackd before dying..for real
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