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  1. LinkGoro

    Most Creative Nicknames

    Neither do I. My reason is that I simply like the way Ninty named 'em.
  2. LinkGoro

    Graphic Requests

    Not sure if anyone still makes sigs, but I'll make a request anyway. I'd like a sig with a picture of a ninja, and some big text with ''Xeviour'' (other forum name) and some small text with ''The sexiest ninja of CityMayhem''. So... Yeah.
  3. LinkGoro

    Most Creative Nicknames

    Zeku (Zekrom) Rush (Reshiram) Oh-No (Ho-Oh) Greedy (Grudon) Chu Chu (Pikachu) Luke (Lugia) All gens I think (Mostly 3-5)
  4. LinkGoro

    Minecraft Question

    Oh, thanks! Question awnsered, thread done. Please close the thread.
  5. LinkGoro

    Plazma Burst 2

    ...... So... Do someone want to play it, or?
  6. LinkGoro

    Minecraft Question

    How much Gigabyte does Minecraft take? I'm gonna download it on my Mom/Dad's Mac. Will the Mac.... Be slow?
  7. LinkGoro

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess Memories

    TP was my first Zelda game. I actually haven't owned any Zelda games other than that (In disc). But I have beaten almost every game. TP had an AMAZING hyrule, AWESOME gameplay, and FANTASTIC storyline that was pretty long (yay!) The ONLY place i didn't like was when there was twilight in...
  8. LinkGoro

    The Member Fact Game

    Above Didn't understand the game
  9. LinkGoro

    Creepy Game Glitches or Console SNAFUs You've Experienced

    I was using GameShark on OoT. Know what happened? I turned on a code without knowin', and when I was in the Kokiri Forest, I used the code.. ALL FRIGGIN' BOSSES OF OOT APPEARED!! (I was scared to death)
  10. LinkGoro

    ZeldaDungeon Football Club?

    ... No one finds the interest...huh?..................
  11. LinkGoro

    General Classic Link's Awakening: Need Help in Dungeon 2, Bottle Grotto!

    Check out ZeldaDungeon's walkthrough for Link's Awakening, as I can't help you.
  12. LinkGoro

    SS or Minecraft?

    Here's a choice http://www.minecraftforfree.com But sorry no online because It's cracked. BTW you can play it on cracked servers.
  13. LinkGoro

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    116. Yayy!!! And I did A_LINK_IN_TIME!!
  14. LinkGoro

    SS or Minecraft?

    Well, a little overreacting. Minecraft is fun! C'mon!
  15. LinkGoro

    SS or Minecraft?

    Maybe I'll take both. I'm pretty exited for SS, but since the limited edition is a double price, I can't afford it. I'll go the smart way and get SS when it hits the shelves in Gamestop and also get a used Wii Motion Pluz. But I also want to hear what other people mean !
  16. LinkGoro

    SS or Minecraft?

    Sorry if this doesn't fit in the Skyward Sword part of the forum. I just began thinking about buying Minecraft even thought i had SS in my mind :hmm: So? Is SS more worth? Is Minecraft more worth? Should i purchase both?
  17. LinkGoro

    Zelda Art Zeldahuman's Official Art Shop

    Can you make a random anime wind waker link Avy? Please put my name on it! Hope you can make a cool Avy! And again- A ANIME wind waker Link. PS. Please PM the AVY to me :clap:
  18. LinkGoro

    PETA Disses Mario

    I played Siper chick sisters, and the game sucks. Lately, many companies have reacted on Nintendo, which is a bad sign. I mean, a week ago, someone claimed Ghirahim to make people gay.
  19. LinkGoro

    Spoiler WW: Did You Think That Puppet Ganon Was Hard?

    I always found him hard... You must be talented! But I also found whole battle fun.
  20. LinkGoro

    If You Were a Pokemon What Would It Be?

    I'd choose a Pikachu/Pichu of non-legendary. As for the legendary's I'll choose Zapdos. I'm so into electric and grass types!
  21. LinkGoro

    Plazma Burst 2

    Plazma Burst 2 is an AWESOME free online multiplayer shooter game. Here's a video of a little gameplay- BEWARE, BLOOD INSIDE VIDEO. TO TURN OFF THE BLOOD IN THE GAME (NOT VIDEO), GO TO SETTINGS AND TURN OFF VIOLENCE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHLq3-GYXKE...
  22. LinkGoro

    Rate the Pokémon (Game)

    5/10 Not one of the best PKMN's. Serperior
  23. LinkGoro

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Minecraft is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! I was about to preorder SS at Amazon, but the price was doubled with posting and all that other stuff...
  24. LinkGoro

    Should I Get a 3ds, or Should I Wait for the Bundle???

    Go for the bundle. You do have Skyward Sword to eat on while you wait. We are Zelda fans, born to wait.
  25. LinkGoro

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    Zeen ya alot! You are also in my group! 9/10
  26. LinkGoro

    Banned Episodes

    Er... They're gone now. AND TR also used the gun.
  27. LinkGoro

    WW Great Deku Tree

    I think you need to have a brain of creativity to find a theory like that. Nice Job, Kill-Bill! And i also wan't to welcome you to the forums! Welcome!
  28. LinkGoro

    Ocarina of Time The Forest Medallion~The Controversy

    Yes, but even though they're rounded they bear rececambles.
  29. LinkGoro

    New Sheikah?

    The Sheikah doesn't protect the royal members after death. In OoT, why didn't a lot of Sheikah come an fight angainst Ganon even thought there was 1 left? And ZeldaPedia and other sources where anybody can edit (like you said) must not always be trusted.
  30. LinkGoro

    Master Sword Over the Years

    I really can't compare the SS and TP sword, due to the small difference, so both are my fav :rolleyes:
  31. LinkGoro

    Brock Done in Anime Series!?

    I wonder why red just stands on the mountain, and his catchphrase is:...
  32. LinkGoro

    Banned Episodes

    I got an english verison of the Legend of Dratini on my PC. And yeah, it was banned due to team rocket threatened a man wih a gun.
  33. LinkGoro

    Brock Done in Anime Series!?

    Actually, since HG/SS are remakes of Gold and Silver, Brock is acessible. Just take the boat to Kanto after beating the game and find the rock gym.
  34. LinkGoro

    Master Ball Request!

    Hi, i just found Kyurem in White! I battled him 100 times with no catch... If anybody could trade me a weak pokemon with a masterball, a legendary (not Kyurem) may fall in your hands! It's pretty dumb that i can't get my Master Balls from HG. I have like 500 or something there... So...
  35. LinkGoro

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    The game cones the 18th here... That means i have to wait 14 days too. Finally some games that releases first in Europe !
  36. LinkGoro

    Brock Done in Anime Series!?

    True A_LINK_IN_TIME ... True...
  37. LinkGoro

    WW-Wii U TWW on Wii U Virtual Console

    I agree with Brandon. It's nice for me that Nintendo puts GC games as a virtual console due to that i have never played many GC games.
  38. LinkGoro

    Brock Done in Anime Series!?

    Why to a water gym when that exists there? Misty is the gym leader of water.
  39. LinkGoro

    ZeldaDungeon Football Club?

    Well, like this: Keeper: Players (Back, attack etc.): Trainer: Manager: And more (Can't remember it all).
  40. LinkGoro

    Brock Done in Anime Series!?

    Yeah, i remember her at the gym in B/W.
  41. LinkGoro

    Brock Done in Anime Series!?

    I can't believe that they just let Brock off and got a Nerd of some sort instead!! Why??? I think that Brock was a funny, and pretty much a main character in the series. All generations up to 5, now gone.. That was a BIG fault if you ask me. I will pretty much lose my eyes on the anime...
  42. LinkGoro

    ZeldaDungeon Football Club?

    I've been thinking lately about the shorten of ZeldaDungeon Forum Community, ZDFC. Split up ZD and FC. And it could mean Zelda Dungeon Football Club. Had it been fun if ZD had a football team? Try to set up your own ZD team with forum users. Thoughts?
  43. LinkGoro

    Spoiler Nintendo of America's Skyward Sword Website!

    Whoa! When did earrings make sense in Zelda!?
  44. LinkGoro

    **Your Favorite Quotes**

    Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works. ~Steve Jobs That qoute always found me interesting...
  45. LinkGoro

    Atsuma's Trade Shop

    Then you and Atsuma are lucky ;) . I have 2 of them, maybe more. Maybe a shiny. Do you want me to send a plate with it? For example: With a plate of fire, the Arceus will change to a fire type. So with all the other plates. But... Do you have Pokemon Black/White? :clap...
  46. LinkGoro

    Atsuma's Trade Shop

    Um.. My 3ds are still unavailable... So maybe waiting for Zenox will be better (If he don't trade after a week).
  47. LinkGoro

    Lol. Look Who I Found

    Hey! That BeastBoy! He get's SO famous??
  48. LinkGoro

    Zenox's Poképimp Corner

    Do you want an Arceus? It is told that this pokemon created the universe. In short: The most legendary pokemon in the games.
  49. LinkGoro

    Atsuma's Trade Shop

    Atsuma, i'd love to trade my Arceus to you! I'm 1000000000% Sure! I actually have 2 of them, because my best friend had AR and gave me one! But in level 1. But i got 100 rare candies! Next weekend i'm ready to trade!
  50. LinkGoro

    Is Using a Gaming Guide/walkthrough Cheating?

    For me, no. I did this with both MM and OoT. I will consider this as cheating if you follow WHOLE guide/walktrough. I mean, there's no problem if you need a little help.
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