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  1. SNOlink

    What's Your View on HMs in the Pokemon Series?

    I don't think it is a bad idea to have moves that help with progression in the overworld, however I have some problems with it. First, they could be deletable. I don't see why them not being deletable is a thing. They're just like any other kind of move, just usable on things that aren't...
  2. SNOlink

    If Super Mario 3D World Doesnt Boost Wii Us Sales, is It in Grave Danger?

    I doubt that the WiiU would be in danger because this game didn't sell mostly because of what the Wind Waker HD did for it. In England alone, WiiU sales skyrocketed to over 600%, so the WiiU isn't dependent on SM3DW's sales alone.
  3. SNOlink

    Spoiler 3ds Game Collection

    I have Star Fox 64 3D, Pilotwings Resort, Fire Emblem Awakening, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and Pokémon Y. While it really isn't that many, I feel like I'm going to be getting more and more games as they come out, like A Link Between Worlds.
  4. SNOlink

    EV/IV Training

    I do like to use EV training on some of my Pokémon (especially since they added Super Training), but honestly I don't do it that much. For the main game which I'm still playing, it's not really that important.
  5. SNOlink

    Leveling Up Quickly?

    Like people have said, the EXP share, but you can also give your lead Pokémon a lucky egg to give them a boost, get traded Pokémon, use Pokémon Amie to make the Pokémon friendlier to you, and use an Exp. O-power.
  6. SNOlink

    Shiny Hunting Made Easy

    Another thing that they didn't mention that you need to know is that you cannot leave grass when trying to chain. That will break the chain as well.
  7. SNOlink

    SPOILER: Is Kalos the Same As the Conquest Region?

    From looking at the two maps, it doesn't seem likely. The Pokémon conquest map is an island completely surrounded by water whereas the Kalos region has water on one side and large mountains on the other.
  8. SNOlink

    The Future of the Pokémon Franchise

    First off, I'd like to see maybe light or sound type added. Probably not for a while, but eventually anyways. Doing these type adds gives the game makes the game more interesting because you want to find out what new things it adds to the series. I know there's a problem with messing with the...
  9. SNOlink

    Gardevoir Vs. Gallade

    I think Gallade has better battle ability than Gardevoir because he can use many different typed attacks without TMs like Leaf Blade and Night Slash. Gardevoir is more restricted to mostly Psychic and now Fairy moves giving her a less diverse move pool. Although, if these two were to go head...
  10. SNOlink

    WW-Wii U Third Quest?

    I think that the game just automatically does that whenever you defeat the game and it would be no different from the second quest.
  11. SNOlink

    Metroid Series Vs Zelda Series

    I enjoy both games greatly. They take two of my top three games. Both hinge on exploration, puzzle solving, and gaining more upgrades or items as you progress through the game. I enjoy this type of game very much, so both are special series to me. As for which game I like more, I've had more...
  12. SNOlink

    Catching Pokemon in Your Sleep

    I don't believe I've ever caught Pokémon in my sleep, but I do remember one weird dream with Pokémon I had. I was in a day-care and instead of getting a regular Pokémon from an egg, I would get like a hybrid of the two Pokémon I bred.
  13. SNOlink

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 73!

    I like doing three-heart runs, especially on Hero Mode. I like how it challenges me more and I really feel accomplished when I do them. I also like doing 100% runs and finding everything that the world has to offer me.
  14. SNOlink

    Breath of the Wild Idea for Plot?

    I like the idea, but maybe instead of it being Zelda maybe it could be like her father or brother or something like that. Something about Zelda acting as the villain doesn't really bode well with me, personally. I've always found Zelda to be a good character and it's weird even thinking she...
  15. SNOlink

    Adventure of Link Why Does Everyone Think Zelda 2 is Such a Hard Game?

    I don't know what you did to make the game easy (well, except for Dark Link), but seriously, it took me forever to just get to the final dungeon. I will agree that the first six dungeons are just you need to get used to them and learn their tricks, but there is no way you just get used to the...
  16. SNOlink

    WW-Wii U First Issue I Have with Wind Waker HD

    It never really bothered me. I did notice it, but it's just the lighting changing to present the item over the background more and it's only there for a few seconds, so it didn't bother me. Also: While it did bother me at first, I got used to it after some time. And if you think about it, the...
  17. SNOlink

    Third Game or Sequel?

    The fifth generation of Pokémon introduced a new concept to the Pokémon series at the time, making a sequel to the previous game rather than later adding a tertiary installment. For X and Y, would you rather have a third version of the game come out or have a sequel like they did last gen...
  18. SNOlink

    Twilight Princess TP HD in Between Now and Zelda U?

    I don't think they should do this. The main reason they were releasing WWHD was to somewhat sate our appetite for a WiiU Zelda title before a new game. I would hope that Nintendo wouldn't have to make another remake in the time to still make the next new console Zelda.
  19. SNOlink

    A Link Between Worlds No More Hand Holding?

    I think this is really great. I enjoy finding out the puzzles out on my own more than if I have hints at what I'm supposed to do. Also, Zelda is well based around the puzzle solving aspect in the dungeons, so you are actually left to figure things out yourself more rather than there being...
  20. SNOlink

    WW-Wii U Wii U Sales Rise 685% in UK Due to WW HD

    I've thought what others have said here already. The WiiU isn't bad because of some system thing, but because there weren't really games people wanted to buy for it and the games that people may have wanted from third party producers were out already for the Xbox 360 or PS3. Now that the WiiU...
  21. SNOlink

    So, Grass, Water, or Fire?

    I was originally going to get Fennekin, but once I saw Froakie's final form I liked it a lot more than Fennekin's. That and I like dark types more, personally.
  22. SNOlink

    *Spoilers* Ghost/Grass Type

    It's funny because I recently thought up some fake Pokémon that were also Grass/Ghost jack-o-lantern Pokémon.
  23. SNOlink

    X and Y, Will You Be Buying It?

    Right now I'm waiting for a possible tertiary installment like they usually do, but if they do a sequel instead like with B/W, I'd get it like the day after they announce it.
  24. SNOlink

    General Zelda What if Link Showed Physical Damage?

    It sounds like a good idea, but I'm not sure how well it work in-game. Also, if they did, I would want scars to heal up as your health goes back up or for clothes, shields, and other objects look better after you repair them or something like that.
  25. SNOlink

    Your Top 3 Pokemon Types

    Dragon, Dark, and Ghost.
  26. SNOlink

    General Zelda At This Rate, Do We Really Need Dungeon Bosses?

    I feel that the bosses mostly need new methods for defeating them. It's traditionally been use the dungeon item and attack the eye. Basically all of Skyward Sword's bosses had something to do with an eye (although Koloktos is more of a heart, but it's very eye-like). Nintendo needs to make some...
  27. SNOlink

    How Did You Get into Zelda Series, and What Do You Like Most About It?

    Before I had Zelda, I had never even heard of it, really. I only knew of Link from Smash Bros., but I knew nothing about him or his game. It wasn't until I got the Gamecube did I actually get a Zelda game. The Zelda Collector's Edition had come free with the Gamecube, so that's how I first got...
  28. SNOlink

    Breath of the Wild Why is Realism Bad?

    I don't feel that realism is bad, but I do have two certain problems with it. First, it doesn't entirely fit with Zelda. Don't get me wrong, it would be cool if it had it, but realism tends to give the game a darker feel, for example Twilight Princess. It's not like that didn't work, but for...
  29. SNOlink

    A Link Between Worlds Speculation About the Mysterious Jester Character

    Call it a hunch, but I feel like this guy is going to be the main villain rather than a right-hand man like Ghirahim was. It still is likely, but I just get this feeling he is the main villain. Like I said, hunch.
  30. SNOlink

    WW-Wii U Six Months

    While I haven't played through the entire thing yet, it still feels wonderful and refreshing. It's beautiful, moves at a nice pace, and still has the charm of the original. In my opinion, there wasn't much to fix in the first place (besides slow sailing). It's still surprising how short of a...
  31. SNOlink

    WW-Wii U Hero Mode - Your Thoughts

    I always enjoy a challenge. While Wind Waker's Hero mode may not be the hardest one, it still is pretty rough and it gives a new feel to this game I have always loved.
  32. SNOlink

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    To me it seems most likely it's a flying type. That really seems like the only thing that fits unless Nintendo threw a curveball at us and made it a double-type of some kind.
  33. SNOlink

    A Link Between Worlds Would You Like to See Twilight Princess for the 3ds?

    It doesn't seem like a good idea to me. First off, I don't think the 3DS has the same power as the Wii, so visually, it would be kind of odd. Second, it would be strange gameplay-wise because they would have to completely change to be on the 3DS. It might not fit well with the changes.
  34. SNOlink

    Breath of the Wild Alchemy System in Zelda Wii U?

    I think this would be a great idea. You could form different kinds of potions and there would be differing levels of potions for more complex methods and their more useful. I also think this would be good because you could have the alchemy station shown on the gamepad and you could make the...
  35. SNOlink

    General Zelda Why Can Link Hold a Hylian Shield As a Kid in Mm, but Link in Oot Cant?

    It was because of a difference in gameplay. In OoT, you could go to the future where as in MM, you can't, so to have only a burnable shield would be somewhat annoying. Also, for OoT, it was used for blocking above attacks such as the boulders near the top of Death Mountain. You would need a...
  36. SNOlink

    General Zelda The Zelda Story - Is It Too Happy?

    I don't really see the Zelda stories as too happy. Think about it, there are some pretty dark and somewhat depressing parts of Zelda. Like with OoT, when you first go to the future, you see the full force of drawing the Master Sword: the entire Market has been burned and there are ReDeads...
  37. SNOlink

    Pokemon Trading Card Game

    I mostly just collected Pokemon card for the sole purpose of collecting them. I never actually did a proper battle game with them and even if I did, I sure don't remembe how to now. Also, I started stopping around when Gen IV came out. Not sure why, but still.
  38. SNOlink

    Does WWHD Make MM3D More or Less Likely?

    I don't think MM3D has more or less chance of appearing in general. I think in the near future, it is less likely, but it still could appear later on.
  39. SNOlink

    Breath of the Wild "Rethink the Conventions of Zelda"

    I think altering the fact that dungeons are ordered might work, but I'm really not sure. On the one side, there is the fact dungeons might be made easier given that you might not have the item for a certain puzzle if you decided to do the dungeon with that item later. On the other side, though...
  40. SNOlink

    Super Smash Bros. U and Retro Characters

    I really liked the characters I was unfamiliar with (not necessarily "retro") in Melee and Brawl. I liked this because it was nice to discover new titles that I had never heard of before and made me interested in their games. I think having more retro characters in SmashU would be great for...
  41. SNOlink

    Is Xeerneas a New Type?

    So not too long ago in another thread here, there was discussion about what type the two legendaries were. Many people were saying it was something like grass/steel, grass/psychic, and other stuff like that. I later got to thinking that since there was so much difference in the types being...
  42. SNOlink

    Add New Types?

    The second generation of Pokemon has seen something no other generation has seen ever, the adding of new types, specifically dark and steel. This added a new variety not only to the types there are, but to the different strength and weakness strategies to battles. Now that we've seen plenty of...
  43. SNOlink

    So... What Do You Guys Think of the New Legendaries (so Far)?

    Xeerneas looks pretty cool to me. I like how it wasn't a blatant X like Yveltal is blatantly a Y. Yveltal still looks pretty epic, though. I'm guessing Zeerneas is a Psychic/Grass type and Yveltal is a Dark/Dragon type.
  44. SNOlink

    Pokémon X & Y Discussion

    The graphics for this game look amazing, in my opinion. I've only heard about this game just today and I already am loving the look of it.
  45. SNOlink

    Best Designed Starters?

    When I first saw the starters for Pokemon X and Y, they were actually stunning to me. While I don't think they are the absolute best designed, they're actually only behind the Gen. 1 starters. What do you think? Do you think they are the absolutely best designed starters?
  46. SNOlink

    Past Gen Evolutions?

    I like the Pinsir idea. That seems like a Pokemon Nintendo could do wonders with. One I was thinking of was Mawile. That would be awesome.
  47. SNOlink

    Pokémon X & Y: Favorite Starter Design

    I say Fennekin. They're all really good, but Fenekin has my vote.
  48. SNOlink

    Is Metroid Going to Be Ready for the WiiU in 2013?

    I actually thnk that of all the Nintendo series, Metroid will be the most fit and ready for the WiiU. It could have you have the 3rd person view on the television and the 1st person on the gamepad which I think could work out for some great gameplay.
  49. SNOlink

    What Did You Think of the Shield Deteriorating in Skyward Sword?

    I thought that this aspect of the game was pretty good. It made it so that you had to conserve the shield better than just holding it out infinitly. It helped me use the shield less than in other games and it made the combat more based on skill rather than how long your right index finger could...
  50. SNOlink

    Wind Waker with Realistic Graphics.....

    I don't think this would be a good idea because Wind Waker has been one of the more whimsical (for lack of a better word) or colorful games in the Zelda series. Changing the graphic style to a more realistic style would be an overly drastic change to the game making it not feel like Wind Waker.
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