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  1. BocaJ

    Who else Agrees That Shooters Suck?

    It really depends on the shooter. Most shooter games today are awful, yes, due to being unoriginal and repetitive. I do enjoy many of the classics, though, like GoldenEye and Perfect Dark for the N64.
  2. BocaJ

    Spoiler Extra Dungeons

    That would have been a nice addition to the Song of the Hero Quest... The game was superb as it was, but we should of had at least an ice dungeon and a scary-themed dungeon. *sigh*
  3. BocaJ

    Adventure of Link Why Do You Play It?

    Well, the most important reason would be that the Adventure of Link is a Zelda game, which, by default, makes it a good game (unless you are a CD-i game). The Adventure of Link didn't have a bad overworld, it just had a unique overworld. The upgrading system was not bad, it was unique. The...
  4. BocaJ

    Finally Got Around to Completing the Game And...

    I also liked the ending. The emotion in this game was superb; I was so moved by the scene where Zelda revealed she was the Goddess, reincarnated. I am about halfway through Hero Mode, and I just cannot get enough of this game. It just so... flawless, like Ghirahim. :)
  5. BocaJ

    Favorite Mario Platformer

    Oh, that's a hard one. Mario, being my third favorite series (behind Zelda and Paper Mario (if you can consider it a sub-series)), is consistently great, but I would have to go with Super Mario Galaxy 2. The game had a lot to live up to, and it delivered. I love all the gameplay mechanics with...
  6. BocaJ

    Did Any Lefties Out There Have Trouble Playing?

    When I first heard that Skyward Sword would of a left-handed option, I was very disappointed and skeptical of whether or not I'd be able to play the game without a lot of trouble. Surprisingly, when the game was released, I found no trouble playing the game with the Wii Remote in my right hand...
  7. BocaJ

    Majora's Mask Extremely Devious Puzzle Idea- Spoilers for Majora's Mask

    Nice idea. I would have searched around for hours in frustration, and then would think, "Hey, don't the keys reset when you play the Song of Time?" With these kind of ideas, you would make a poor Zelda kid cry. :)
  8. BocaJ

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    I love Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie! :D Anyway, I own every version except for the Virtual Console and the original Nintendo 64 cartridge. That means I have the Collector's Disc, the Master Quest disc, and OoT 3D. I prefer the 3D version, but I still love the original graphics! :)
  9. BocaJ

    General Modern Best Dungeon of All Time?

    Mine has to be the Stone Tower Temple from Majora's Mask. It had a brilliant design, and the flipping was absolutely... remarkable. The music also fit the dungeon very nicely. My other favorites would have to be Ganon's Tower from ALttP, Sandship from Skyward Sword, Lanayru Mining Facility from...
  10. BocaJ

    Spoiler Ghirahim: Your Thoughts?

    In a way, his bizarre, sporadic personality is what made him so intimidating as a villain, similar to Zant and even more-so Majora. I felt that he is one of the best villains Zelda has had thus far. As a boss, he was pretty challenging. It was frustrating for me to try to evade that running...
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