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    Games You Have Finished the Most!

    I have beaten all of the sly cooper games a lot. other than that smb 3, modern warfare 2 and mc.
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    Four Swords Adventure- What Did You Like and Dislike?

    i hated almost everything about this eccept the graphics (for some reason)and the epic battles. four links all shooting arrows at an army of monsters! awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Which Is Best?

    Ps3. it has blu ray, amazing graphics dlc that has a point to it, a good library of downloadable games and wait, amazing games, Uncarted 2, inFamous, littlebigplanet,ect. (and don't forget soon to be motion control!!)
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    Zelda 2 Most Underrated Game of All Time?

    Its very underarted. I occasionaly play it and i don't think its that bad. Don't really know where to go in the beggining though.
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    The Little Things, or Where the @#$% Are My Octoroks?!

    The museam would be strange(like the one in modern warfare 2). It doesn't seem zelda like . I did enjoy stelling enemies wepons in ww though. What if you didn't always need the dungeon item immidiatly or mabey not at all(like LOZ or AOL).
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    Any Closet Gamers?

    Anything that I play that is nintendo (excludes mario) or not new the other gamers i know think are bad. I don't go to them for recomondations!
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    What Is The Minish Cap?

    The hat ezlo makes is just as much an item as ezlo is (if not more) I agree with you though, its ezlo,
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    Favorite Zelda Title Logo

    mm- i freaked out when i saw that mask( i was little) MC- the sword looks awsome!!! tp- complex Havent seen the st logo though
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    Worst Zelda Ocarina Song?

    I like all of them but if i had to pick one it would be the song of time.
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    Stupidest Moment in a Game

    in donky kong country 2 there is a level of only diolouge.
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    100% or Complete

    Do you like to try to compleat a zelda game 100% or just try to compleat the story. I try to compleat the story. if im stuck or board or done the game i will do all of the sidequests and get the collectibles i didn't get before
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    i want to collect the older handheld games

    You don't need the case eccept if u collect them. Your best bet is ebay.
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    No Sheild

    I burned it on my first time through and played for a little. then i bought another shield.
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    NES Link on Farmville

    He did a mario scene on farmville! I wouldn't have thought of that. cool
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    Link's Mother: Where is She?

    I don't think there is a reason to show any of links relitives unless it adds to the story. When did link have an uncle?
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    Favorite Mini-Game?

    I liked the simulation game in tmc. it's fun to fight hoards of enemies for no reason at all.
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    Stone Mask

    It never made sence that he would turn into stone. your idea seems correct.
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    Does Zelda Need a "blast from the Past"?

    I wouldn't mind a slightly modernized zelda as long as they do it right(like goron mines tp). I don't want a train or a space ship or something like that. It would also be good if nintendo had a blast from the past.
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    Your Opinion on the Kingdom Hearts Series

    I love the kh series! the 1st one is alright but 2 is a button smashing parade! never a fan of chain of memories though. cant wait until christmas when i'll hopefuly get 358/2 days. bbs looks awsome too!!
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    Should There Be a Sequel to Mm

    I don't necicarily want a sequal to mm but i hope zelda wii takes place in termina. I don't like sequals (eccept oot-mm) and i really dont want nintendo to go back to a game that was made almost ten years ago and maKE a messed up sequal. (unless it is really good)
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    Ocarina of Time Is OOT overrated?

    Maby it's overated a little bit but it is still a very good, influental game. People should stop comparing it to new zeldas though.
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    Favorite Minor Character

    merlari from tmc is one of mine. It would be cool to have a house in a book.(unless you don't like reading)
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    Favorite Dsi Ware Game

    what is your favoriat dsi ware game? i don't have a dsi but the games look bad.:(
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    Do You Organize Your Game Cases?

    I just put them in a box randomly. I used to organize my ps2 games by how good they were but now i don't.
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    DSi Downloads

    I've been hoping they would do something like this for a long time. It might actually make me bye a dsi. I can't play LA OOA or OOS because my gba broke and my mom threw out my gbc
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    Your Most Favorite Place in Zelda Games!

    Kak. vilige tp and oot. Lake hylia tp Ordona village tp hyrule town mc tp hyrule castle mc korkiri woods (or what ever its called) oot I can't choose one its too hard!!!!!!!!!
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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time - Magic Meter Easter Egg?

    What system are you playing it on? Its never happened to me but I haven't played the N64 version in a long time. Now I have it on VC
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    Minda was a pretty good character. she is not my favoriat companion though. I really liked ezlo at first but even he got a little annoying. (pauses to think) Never mind, minda is the best companion
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    Which Character Would You Be?

    hmmmm... very hard question. I would either be saria or zelda or link. They do a good job of making link and zelda good. I've always liked saria.
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    Your Scarecrow Song

    Mine is simple and easy to remember. (down) up (down) up (down) up (down) up (down) ect.
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    wow! that is really good. I can't draw like that for my life.
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    Twilight Princess Funny Things That Have Happened To You In TP

    LOL death by cannon. nothing like this has ever happen to me in tp.
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    Triforce in Real World

    Have you ever seen a picture of a triforce in the real world(outside of anything zelda).I have seen a lot of them. I know i've seen a lot more than what i am posting. TV credits Buisness logo google
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    Do You Want More Link's Crossbow Training?

    Mabey there could be a sequal on wii ware. It could be longer with more ranger levels and have a story. Its very unlikly though
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    What Would You Change?

    there should have been less rubees after the first few dungeons, optional classic controler use, magic.
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    Any Fans of The(Admittedly Lazy) Multiple Timeline Theory?

    I along with most people belive that there is one timeline and it splits after oot. try making your timelines fit togrther.
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    Systems You Played to Death.

    Are there any systems you played so much that they broke? Me, just my GBA although my ps2 is near death. My other systems always get threwn out before there time is done(yes, i'm looking at you jimmy). I also broke some kiddie computer thing. i forget what its called. it had a touch screen. I...
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    Titles and what you're known for.

    im known for my fencing and my skiing skills. There isn't really a good title for that besides " the man who stabs people on skis". PS: my friends say i am like a goat.
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    Ocarina of Time A 2-D Zelda Remake: A Good or Bad Idea?

    I don't want nintendo to make a remake of anything. I would like it if they released a new game on WII WARE with lttp or mc graphics. A fan remake would be nice, though they would need to do more than change colors around. They would need to do some of the other things u mentioned.
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    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I just have some of the manga by Akira Himekawa. It's not a lot but i'm looking to improve my collection.
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    How The Series Adapted With The DS

    I think they used the stylus well. it seemed pretty natural. It would still be better if u had an option to use the control pad. u would use the touch screen for the boomerang, fishing, and the cannon.
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    Worst Zelda Combo

    what are the worst two zelda games to play in a row? MC and LTTP seem alike but after a beat mc for like the fifth time i decided to play lttp again and it was soo hard? is this what I get for playing too many newer zelda games or has anything like this ever happened to you.
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    Worst story

    I would say FS has the worst story but i don't think that counts. Loz is also pretty bad.
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    Legend of Zelda Tv Series.

    oops. you shouldn't have bought them. there on hulu for free. I think there strange but i wach them when im board.
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    Majoras Origins

    at the end of the mm manga there is a story about the masks origons. I understand that it is not cannon but it is the closest thing we have to something official.
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    Your Opinion of Minish Cap

    I love tmc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the game that got me re hooked on zelda kinstones were a good idea and the detailes and sidequests make up for the short story
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    3d Fan Game ......

    WOW. this sounds really cool. What if link came back to hyrule and found out navi knew about someone trying to destroy hyrule. but navi gets captured by the villan and link has to save navi and stop the villan.
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    Do You Think Ganondorf Needs to Be in an Handheld Zelda Game?

    I for one wanted Ganon/dorf to be in st and i wanted vati (or hoever u spell it) to be in zelda wii. I'M tired of all of these new antagonists.
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    Spirit Tracks: DENIED!

    i would be so mad if that happened to me. My parents won't let me get ST until christmas
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