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  1. Pl511

    Zelda Art Zelda's Lament - A Legend of Zelda Piano Medley

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NXp22aKYeM (Direct Ganondorf) This medley is a fun little project I've been working on that started with the initial arrangement of Zelda's Lullaby and just sort of expanded from there. The Fi's Lament remix/cover that I promised AGES ago has been cancelled...
  2. Pl511

    Pokemon Art Pokémon Boss Battle Piano Medley

    Thanks! :D I've tried both, with a little success, but I'll go back over them and see if I can make something out of them. No promises, but Sky Tower is a personal favourite so we'll see. :)
  3. Pl511

    Music Competition: Week 10

    Awesome! This brings upon the subject of the Pokémon Boss Battle Medley I was planning... which has recently been finished. :D
  4. Pl511

    Music Competition: Week 9

    Ahh, that's fine. XD I was just getting a little worried.
  5. Pl511

    Music Competition: Week 9

    Where's this week's thread?
  6. Pl511

    Pokemon Art Pokémon Boss Battle Piano Medley

    You guys wanted it, and here it is! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFnswnaLGSk More Black and White 2 schtuff should be coming soon. By the way, where's the new community music competition post?
  7. Pl511

    Zelda Art Requests for Music Remixes!

    @Chameleon: Nice! Sounds pretty difficult, but I'll try and work with it. XD @theoathtoorder: Oh yeah! I've been thinking about doing that for a while after I saw BMBGuitar's version. Again, I'll see what I can do. :) @linkadink: Not that keen on this one, but it sounds nice. Might see this...
  8. Pl511

    Zelda Art Requests for Music Remixes!

    Tell me what you think I should work on next (preferably Zelda stuff, please XD). I won't take all of them because I promised that once and it got pretty hectic, but go ahead and say any songs from any game you thought was awesome and I'll go ahead and make something special with it. :D Edit...
  9. Pl511

    Pokemon Art Great Canyon Remix - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team - W/ElectricMudkip!

    Hey guys! I haven't done that much Zelda music recently, but that should be coming soon. :3 This is a collaborative remix with ElectricMudkip! :D He's a musician who's similar to me in that he started remixing at about the same time, but apart from that we're completely different. Not much to...
  10. Pl511

    Music Competition: Week 9

    yahtzee713 Very retro! You've got an awesome sound going on there, and the two main lines weave a really nice texture. The synthetic sound is sometimes a little harsh on the ears, but this is definitely a very well made track. BMBGuitar Very smooth. ^^ That was a truly perfect rendition, and...
  11. Pl511

    Music Competition: Week 6

    Freestyle?! 1 week? D: Are you serious? Just 1 thing? What am I going to choose this time? XD Also, I'm back. :D I'm going to give three options here and you guys can choose what you want (they're all from my channel [already uploaded] anyway so you can check them out whatever happens). 1...
  12. Pl511

    Music Competition: Week 5

    Whoa. Barely any submissions this time. Perhaps this could be because of the move away from being able to make covers? Just saying... Also you changed the name of the competition and it might not really sound like a public/community competition to people just seeing the name of the thread...
  13. Pl511

    Music Competition: Week 4

    Wow, guys! :D Thanks for the fantastic response! I'm really glad you guys enjoyed it. Also, A_LINK_IN_TIME, thank you very much. :D I've got something planned for this week, but I don't think it's as good as previous weeks perhaps. Still, it should be enjoyable for some.
  14. Pl511

    The New Community Music Competition: Week 3

    @Heroine of Time: Oh yeah! I'm sorry about that. I got caught up with a few different projects (one of them was/is a frikking OverClocked ReMix Paper Mario 64 album that I was drafted into) and I wasn't able to finish it. I have two songs somewhat finished in the medley, so I'll probably work on...
  15. Pl511

    The New Community Music Competition: Week 3

    I'd like to submit a fix to the one I posted. The original had HORRIBLE quality, bad distortion, and a really lacklustre soundfont. Here's a much better version I just recorded.
  16. Pl511

    The New Community Music Competition: Week 2

    I've finally decided on what I'm doing for my entry. :) I'm (attempting) to make a Pokémon battle theme medley. So far I've got a bit of the Gold/Silver/Crystal Champion Theme and also the Emerald Frontier Brain Battle Theme. I'll try and make this as nostalgic/epic as I possibly can. :D Any...
  17. Pl511

    The New Community Music Competition: Week 2

    Thanks, guys! :D I'll be working on an actual new entry for this week. Thinking possibly about something from World Ends With You...
  18. Pl511

    The New Community Music Competition: Week 1

    I have three points quickly before I begin work on my masterpiece. ;) 1. Youtube? Ew. I only use youtube because it disguises the horribleness of my recording studio. XD 2. Can we submit entries that have already been made? I think a load of people have seen some of my stuff on Zelda Dungeon's...
  19. Pl511

    Zelda Art Warp Song Piano Medley - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - For Majora's Cat

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOSPMR5qASw Ocarina of Time Warp Song Piano Medley This is the second part of Majora's Cat's request. :D Hope you guys like it! There wasn't as much that I could do as I did in my previous Ocarina medley, but I did try to string them together as well as I...
  20. Pl511

    Zelda Art So I'm Making a Remix of a Song from Skyward Sword...

    As a project, I'm in the middle of making a remix for the song 'Fi's Gratitude' (a.k.a. Fi's Lament) and I'm struggling to think of anything to add. I've got the main melody + harmonies down, and I've almost completely replicated the first cycle of the song (without the full orchestra). I'm...
  21. Pl511

    Zelda Art Piano Cover - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Opening Theme - For Majora's Cat

    Hello again! So this is just a thank you to Majora's Cat and all the staff at Zelda Dungeon for featuring me on the main site. The other part of the request is coming soon, I just need a bit more time to sort out the arrangement. As soon as it's done I'll post it back here. Anyway, thanks for...
  22. Pl511

    Ways to Annoy Non-Zelda Fans

    My simple answer to this is staying silent for hours on end - besides short grunts and murmurs of despair - and breaking all of the pots you can find. Also, if someone asks what your doing, let your fingers spontaneously combust and say, 'you must die.'
  23. Pl511

    Web Browsers

    After switching to Chrome, everything else seems incredibly cluttered and I get major OCD from all of the icons everywhere. IE's new version (their simplified answer to the awesomeness that is Chrome) is such a blatant copy of Chrome that it's ridiculous. There's also a load of unused space on...
  24. Pl511

    Zelda Art Several Zelda Piano Covers!

    I have YouTube channel that has a variety of my own arrangements and covers of videogame music on piano, and a few of them are Zelda songs so I thought that I'd share them with you guys. (In fact, I think I was featured on this site once as well... :hmm: ) Anyway, here they are! Ballad of...
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