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  • Yeah, it really has. I don't have much time to so Staff work anymore, but I'll put this in the News Bin for you. :>
    I'm spreading the link everywhere I can :)

    I really can't say anything else other than "I'm flabbergasted". Such an awesome remix, and I thank you a million times over for taking time out of your own day to do this!! =)
    You know, Birth by Sleep > KH1 > CoM > Days > KH2 > Coded > DDD
    it just sounds incredibly hard, but again I do not know the first thing about music!
    Gosh...chronological order sounds fantastic! But, I know nothing about music so whether it'd be hard on you or not I couldn't say. I'm just going to say go with whatever is easiest, but chronological order man...that sounds like something I personally want to hear! xD
    Hey, could you possibly link me to the sheet music of Half Moon Bay? I've been searching the internet for about an hour and I can't find anything. :/
    I've finally decided on what I'm doing for my entry. :) I'm (attempting) to make a Pokémon battle theme medley. So far I've got a bit of the Gold/Silver/Crystal Champion Theme and also the Emerald Frontier Brain Battle Theme. I'll try and make this as nostalgic/epic as I possibly can. :D Any suggestions for songs to include?
    Though I can't vote (or maybe I can but I don't believe it'd be ethically right if I did :P) I will say that as a fan of your music and of Pokemon I'd love to see the Fire Red/Leaf Green or Red/Blue Gym Leader/Elite Four battle theme. :D
    MC introduced me to your YouTube channel, and it was absofrigginlutely amazing. Oh, I'm Van. Welcome to ZD though I know you've been here for quite a while. [noparse]:D[/noparse]
    Hey Pl511, if you're interested, you can participate in the forum's New Community Music Competition. I think you'd do well. :>
    Thanks. :> I'll get this drafted up sometime soon, but I do have finals in school that I have to study for, unfortunately. Hopefully I can get it done though.
    Got your PM, I think it would be great if you could do another song! I asked around, and the staff have some great ideas:

    The Ocarina of Time Title Theme, A Link to the Past Intro, and a medley of Ocarina of Time's warp songs. We'd be delighted to feature you on the main page again. :>
    Just a heads up, we're featuring your piano pieces on the front page at 5:00 Central Standard Time. :>
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