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  • Uhhh, wait, what the f*ck? That makes absolutely no sense...are the people you work with ********? Just because you were happy around the Holidays doesn't exactly mean there's a major reason behind it, I'm sure if you wanted a boyfriend or whatever you could get one, but it's just stupid that these people were jumping to such conclusions and it's all just one big mess now -,o

    Ah, I hope this ends well for you, Sarah--you seriously don't need or deserve to go through this sh*t.
    Yesterday I found out a rumor about me at work escalated way out of hand and now I'm being questioned and my job is on the line.

    I just, I can't believe this has happened. I'm hurt and angered. I guess it's just another sign that I need to get out of here.
    Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the hell...if you wanna PM me about it I'd be happy to listen, Sarah, first you were sick and now this? Tis just so horrible and unjust v,v
    hello Zarah :) I don't think I've met you before but it's nice to meet you :) Thank you for your nice comments on my graphics. I love to create different things and give it my own style. This was a very nice and sweet comment!!
    Heh, glad you enjoy my drawing, Sarah ^^

    I'm drawing another Hollow Mask for myself right now, haven't drawn these things for some time, but it seems I'm still alright at it.
    Oh, no, I like never make threads...not even to post my stories or drawings, I have shown a few people some of my drawings before though, I'm not terrible or anything--just have no interest in making a thread, wouldn't be able to keep up with it likely, I don't draw as much as I used to.
    Still young in my book regardless :P

    Anytime though, my friend. I am doing just fine myself, have to go to something in 20 or so minutes and am drawing a Hollow Mask, yep :)
    Hmmm, you aren't old, you're only what...in your 20's? Yeah, when you're 50 come to me and say you're old, I'll agree then =P

    But anyways, I read you weren't feeling too well, I hope you start feeling better soon.
    Have a good day at work luv <3

    Make money to pay for our bills and such <3 <3


    once I make a response video in the question tag ;___;;;;;
    Yeah, but we know what would have happened if that were the case. *Cue scene of rabbit Hinata fangirls* Oh God, no...
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