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  • Hey. Thanks for allowing me to join the percy jackson group. I sure am glad that there are other fans on this site.
    B-b-by me?
    B-but I didn't do it on purpose...

    Wassup? I accepted your friend request, by the way. I appreciate it.
    No problem, I take a while sometimes myself, so I fully understand. Ouch, sounds like you've had it pretty rough. :sweat: I hope things start looking up for you though! ^^ I live on a hill too. Hills = good.

    I'm so-so. Had some bad things go down, but I'm a cheery guy, so it's not so bad. :)
    Well, enemies come at you in a 3D sorta world, so I say overhead perspective. Once you engage enemies, a cutscene takes place showing your character attacking the enemy and the enemy unit attacking back. Once the unit's hp runs out he/she is dead, and sometimes characters have to attack in group in order to defeat an enemy.

    I could show you some links if you want.
    Well, Bulbin, the group thingy is opened, you can go and join. :P There is nothing much there but that will change over time.
    Yeah, I have it like that because I am working on some threads. Soon as I get those done I will make it for everyone to join.
    A zelda game I am sorta working on. You want images? I will provide as soon as I get enough people to get working...So spread the word, eh? Help the game develop. XD
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