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  • Hey Nightwing, just letting you know that your character was introduced in the new chapter of Naraknor. Leave some comments or feedback, alright? :)
    I hope everything goes well for you, your parent thing sounds terrible. I really hope things get better for you.
    I am fine. My cat is meowing like crazy. (YES, I did feed her) it is driving me insane x_x
    Hi there Nightwing. I liked your cat link that you had as your profile pic before. Hope to see more of your art.:) Also I just felt like I should tell you that you seem to be replying to people the wrong way. To reply you need to type the text in the box on the page that appears when you click on "View Conversation" or when you are on their profile. Anyway welcome to Zelda Dungeon.
    ohooo! you are new to ZD! I welcome you to this great place! now, if you can listen to a 1000page long thread I made, you can become my friend!
    hope you enjoy your time in ZD!
    Sorry for bothering you, but your signature is too big. Make sure it fits within the red lines of this picture:

    Thank you,
    I already posted on your Welcome thread, but I feel that I should make a proper welcome and welcome you on your profile page. Welcome to ZD! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    So, are you enjoying your stay at Zelda Dungeon so far? ^^

    Oh, and if you want to reply to this message, click, "View Conversation" right up...................................................................here ^
    Saw your sig. If a mod sees that, you'll be infracted. It's way too big. The maximum limit is 800x250 pixels. I highly suggest you change your sig before you get infracted.
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