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  • Shnappy, surely you'll be interested. We started a group called the Dabombster Factor. It's a plan to put an end to the trolling and try to make better quality posts around the forums to help improve them. You may be only 13, but you used to make awesome posts. I dropped you an invitation if you want to help out. You don't have to do anything special, just do what you do and post well.
    The tournament has started, though you'll probably have seen that in the ZD skype chat before you read this. Just check up later to see who you are battling.
    I believe I remember you saying once before how much you liked the WW ChuChus. It's relieving to know that I'm not the only Zelda fan who completely adores them. :xd:

    I like 'em so much that I've placed them on my list of favorite monsters... from anything, not just Zelda.
    Your signature. It. Is. Awesome.

    ChuChus need more love. They're the best thing to happen to Zelda since it's beginning. :P
    Oh so that's a Blue Meanie! I've heard of them before never seen a picture. I can see why they'd scare you!:O
    Glad you agree! I remember the first time I watched it, I was reading a Horrible Histories book about the Aztecs.:nerd:

    My favourite part was probably the Meanies attack, even if it was quite odd. :P
    The Beatles Movie-"Yellow Submarine"= Awesome!

    I'm guessing you've seen it as well Shnappy, judging by your Blue Meanie avatar.
    It used to be one of my favourite movies!
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