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  • Dude, you know how much I care about you; what's wrong...?

    I got her a gold peace-sign necklace with multi-colored diamonds lining the outside of it...
    Dude no... PM me what happened man... what's got you so... depressy?

    And my weekend's been fine... I got Tiff a Christmas present finally... :lol:
    Yeah, sorry... i logged in, scrolled down to Today's Top Posters, saw you were on, and then sent you the VM. I didn't get your other VM til I went back to my page...

    ... I don't wanna text him...
    *growl* Damn it... my Skyward Sword game (the one on my formatted Flash Drive) won't load anything... as in, my saves won't load. I'm re-installing the file onto the Flash Drive... hopefully it works... if not... then... uh... f***. :lol:
    OF COURSE I HAVE! is that even a question? lol
    It was purple cuz I thought I was becoming HK, but now it's yellow cuz I'm gonna write an article and if it gets published I'll have a yellow username.

    What, the Langston Hughes one? I know... I'm doing it right now.
    Well, I can't post ANYTHING until you make me a part of your Blog Group... *sigh* I'll add myself when I come over... :yes:
    It is messed up...

    ... what?! I don't f***ing remember that. (Oh dude, do me a solid and make me a part of your Blog Group. Click on "Blog", click on "Blog Settings", click "Manage Groups", and put my username into the box to add me... ;) I could post a new RLandZH misadventure? Or, we could post one this weekend. ;))
    I did watch that video... and I cannot un-see it... :blank:

    I honestly don't know how much money I'm getting, but I'm getting a $20 BestBuy gift card from 2 of my sister's and my brother... so yeah, $60 on top of whatever I get SHOULD be enough... if not... *ahem* money for the poor?
    Sounds like a plan. One thing to note though is that the CaptureCard only records the game audio (that is, if I plug in the audio cables. :xd:) Meaning, we have to get a microphone (I can probably buy one at BestBuy or soemthing... as long as it's good quality) and use Audacity (an audio recording software I have) to record our audio. :yes:
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