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  • Hello there, sorry to come out of the blue, but I saw your avatar when scrolling through the forum and wondered if you would perhaps join the pony group?

    Bronies and Pegasisters of Equestria - Dungeon Gaming Network
    I just checked the definition and yes you are right. :P
    All these years I thought it meant it wasn't that great but wasn't that bad either.
    Hi Regal! My name is Lord Death! My favorite character in that game was Mithos, such an evil little kid! I really liked Lloyd too, he taught me that goodness and love will always win. And Raine was just-- Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself... Did I mention I am a huge Tales fan? :xd: Probably should have said that first. :D
    Hoy! Thanks for the birthday wished, stranger! :D

    How do you do?! :?
    Hey there Regal, I don't know you on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday.^^ So...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:clap::clap::clap:
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