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  • hey come on!!!! give me a break!!! (parents aren't helping very much!!!!) gosh! pull your self together and stop being an idiot!!! :eek:carina:
    Sorry. I don't know much about sound tracks and stuff. I haven't played too many zelda games.
    Just check the fan fiction section and look for the thread called "Pirate to Princess, Hero to Warrior."

    But thanks for reading it~
    ok i just forgot not played sp in a while XD
    The list your talking about is by Nintendo power not Nintendo its self and all of the Zelda's on my list were publish by Nintendo there are not any fan games on my list.............
    Well its hard to tell you but I made a list of all the Zelda games ever made and you could find them there.

    is that the sword that's in ph or st
    Hi! Are you new here? if so, welcome to ZD! Have fun on the forums, groups, or whatever else you can find here! :)
    If I find one I'll tell you ;) but I also thought there weren't many zelda fans in Holland but I found more as 8-9 active Dutch people in ZD
    I saw you made a Swedish group :D

    First I made a Dutch group, then you made Swedish Group and now Xinnamin has made an Asian group soon everyone is in their own country-group :xd:
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