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  • That's really strong of you. I sincerely hope things get better. I know that from me if probably sounds like I'm talking out of my *** but life will get better. It always does, even at it's worse times. Just gotta knuckle down and push through it, no matter what **** it throws at you.
    Wow.....that's really rough. I'm glad you didn't do it cause that really would have been bad. I know we aren't really close or anything but if you ever need to talk about something I'll listen.

    I was there at one point myself. I wanted it to be painful so I took my sharpest pocket knife and was going to go for the wrists. I stopped about a second before I made the cut and realized I was only being spiteful towards my best friends and that it wouldn't be fair to them.

    Whoa that's really rough bro. Yours or someone else's? I understand if you don't want to talk about it, but still, that's really serious.
    Just added my friend code to the 3DS group and I'm VMing everyone as well.

    Name: Jon
    Friend Code: 3351-4205-4575
    Favorite Title: Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones (courtesy of the ambassador program)
    I don't think trying the get rid of them or report them is going to be of any use, they're both highly respected members of the forum, even if they shouldn't be. Anyway, I think they're done with the trollery, and what's a Gilda?
    Please for your own sake don't even bother acknowledging Kybyrian and Austin's posts on the MLP group. They're just trolling and they're not worthy of our attention.
    Yeah, that song is catchy. Which version of the song are you listining to? How far are you into Wind Waker?
    No the sig editor doesn't know the limit. But you'll get in trouble if your sig exceeds the limit. It should fit within the red lines of this image:
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