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  • Wow, there are quite a few people that were inactive, left or were banned. :| Josh I have no idea. Maybe he just doesn't have time.

    Axle just sent us a PM. I guess I'll be going first.
    David is gone for about two years on a spiritual mission, Destiny is gone due to school, Nicole is gone for the same reason (well nicole and Destiny are just a little inactive), Animehat, I have no idea. And I don't know who else used to mod. :\ So yeah, we're the only ones left.
    You mean the Old ZD Generation group? Man, I think most of those guys are from 2003. o_O That would be fun, but most of the people that would be in that group either left or are MIA. :<
    Awwh maan that kinda sucks. Maybe if I have time I'll pop in here and there. It's gonna be a close call though ahah with work, school, and everything else. Who knows though haha
    It also said that he betrayed Spencer and took off with some virus (I think) that he retrieved for Spencer that was "supposed to make him a god". He got screwed over so Alex could be as powerful. Or something like that.
    Yeah, in one of the files of Resident Evil 5 Lost in Nightmares he says how he's a fast learner and how he can learn by watching etc. etc.
    I doubt it, HUNK couldn't even take down Birkin. Plus, he's just a lower lackey taking orders from Umbrella. Spencer kept him a secret and has described him as being the best of all the Wesker children. Anyway, they already showed HUNK's face before. In some ways I can see how it could make sense for him to be Alex, but in another ways, I just don't see it.
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