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  • Yes, I do remember you, MOTLEY. A lot has changed, including the disposal of the Super Mod rank and using its color for the Webmaster rank instead. Rep is gone due to being an annoyance and being abused and complained about, and there have been several Mod, Admin and Webmaster promotions over the past few months.

    I think you're all caught up now. Welcome back. ^^
    I only met you today in the shoutbox, but you seemed like an interesting person, and it seemed like you had a good history here at the sight. So, I think I'll send you a friend invite. :)
    Hey Motley! It has been a while since I've seen you around here... :P
    What's been new on ZD? Well, a few weeks ago there was a forum crash that erased posts for the past three days. Also, you can write a blog too. And for the next little bit, you can send Valentines cards! ;)

    As for me, I've been great. School and everything else has been good. ^^

    How have you been?
    thanks pal!
    oh heeeey! LOL
    finally I knew how!!

    I feel like a pro now hahaha

    glad I found this forum, and tbh I found it randomly, cuz I was just browsing zeldadungeon and then I was lyke, a forum!?

    yay! so I joined haha
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