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  • I think Nintendo is clearly on the right track. No more friend codes for one. I'm expecting some Mario game and Pikmin 3 to be launch titles. Seems exciting enough. Nintendo also seems poised to push downloadable games and DLC. Also, I'd feel honored if you accepted my friend request. :)
    Hey there. I remember you from the main site. I know you love Zelda but you are always telling people how the 360 offers a superior experience. :P Nice avatar, btw! How's it going?
    You buy it at the Market. Click Market and click User Title Glow. And you can choose your color.
    No worries. I been asked about this before. Well, from what I know, getting good hearts and reps is to have good quality posting, don't post off topic, and good post (no foul language and such) No bumping or trolling!
    Yeah I know, I'm just joking around haha,
    I just became part of the stuff,
    I'm doing the LA walktrough screenshots at the moment :P
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