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  • College, huh? I'm still in high school myself, but I'm thinking about going to college and majoring in english lit. What's your major?
    The bad is well bad and it's best to focus on the good in life and work from there. There's nothing wrong with writing a cartoon, if it's your passion you must pursue it and fufil your dream. Just make the cartoon good and not the modern crap that is spread around these days. What kind of cartoon if you don't mind me asking? Oh and Killing is my Business is amazing I think it beats Kill em' All in terms of intro album.
    Oh it's been going. Good, bad, and ugly. I beat Skyward Sword yesterday and got Megadeth's greatest hits for Xmas. How about you?
    Yeah, I just got to get the Wii Lens Cleaner Kit so my Wii can read discs again.
    Same, my friends and I are like Beavis and Butt-head too. And I am pumped for the new episode too.
    lol, it's nice to finally see a fellow Beavis and Butt-head fan. I do a pretty good impression of them and it's fun going through school as Cornholio.
    Hell yeah I have! My favorite of the new episodes is Holy Cornholio. But my favorite episodes will always be Die Fly, Die and Nosebleed.
    It's pretty good. I'm listening to Foreclosure of a Dream now, my favorite Megadeth song.
    Yeah, from what I have heard, Lulu is garbage. I listened to Megadeth's new Th1t3en album and my mind was blown. It was amazing.
    My favorite band is Iron Maiden. Megadeth comes in second and third is Metallica. The only reason I like Megadeth better than Metallica is because they had a more consistent career than Metallica. Anything on Reload and St.Anger I refuse to listen to.
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