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  • Get well soon! Hopefully we'll get a chance to talk today :D Like I said before, I hope you get well soon and also soon there will be snow. Well I need to get ready to go on the bus. Laters <3
    lol. alright. sounds like a better plan. I have some stuff I have to do tomorrow, but some of it i can do while talking to you, so I will plan to do it then :)
    Hopefully we can meet up then!
    Hey, I felt like visitor messaging you. Here's a picture you'll like.
    And I'm here right now, when it is your evening, waiting for you. lol.
    I'm going to do some decorating i'll leave skype on. Hopefully we can connect.
    I'' try to be on when i can. I came online this morning, hoping you would be online. I teach all day, so around noon when I usually come online and you are there, I'm teaching. I'll try to be on this weekend.
    Hey! Thank-you so much for everything! I hope we can chat soon. I'm going to leave you some skype messages. Thanks
    I'm in lanyaru my brother hogs the wii too so when I play I play for a while
    Alrighty, I got a chance to play SS, and it is the most awesome game ever. Groose is awesome he's such a jerk but really a nice guy xD, the Ghirahim fight was amazing all the sword fighting, I already gained two more heart containers, beat Skyview Temple, and did some other stuff. Fighting enemies in SS is much more satisfying and fun.
    Well ttyl <3
    Hey, I have no connection to Skype ATM. So I felt like sending you a vm <3
    Meeeegggoooooo~ Hey!

    How are you? I'm going to play for my school's game later on, in the marching band. ^^
    Alright. That's fine. I didn't know if you were done with it or simply putting it on hiatus. I hope the problem is solved soon.^^
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