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  • Ah. Well, I recommend taking a gander at the Mature Discussion section. (in addition to the forum-wide rules, this section has its own set of rules.) The MD is where, well, all of the mature discussion takes place. There are also groups. You can even create your own group, just so long as there isn't a pre-existing one that covers the same thing. Aside from that, there are sections for almost anything you can think of - technology, entertainment, general gaming, fan works/art, and of course, Zelda. lol

    If you need any help be sure to contact the mods (the guys with the blue usernames) or me, and we'll be glad to help.
    Regarding the points thing: just post (100 times). lol That's it. And yeah, it took me quite some time before I started skyping as well; I was here at least eight months before I used Skype. I stumbled upon ZD after getting flamed on ZU; I posted a theory on here with the intent of leaving afterwards. However, my theory was met with lots of positive feedback and I ended up staying. lol This forum is the first site that I've stayed on for a long time, as I'd usually get bored incredibly fast and leave...
    Ah. lol Yeah, I hate when that happens. You could probably retrieve a new password by clicking the "forgot password" thingy if Skype has one; it'd be neat if you joined.

    But if not, then you could always use the shoutbox on here, but it requires 100 posts to gain access. Reaching 100 is not that daunting a task, really, so you should gain access rather quickly. ^_^ b
    Hello. ^_^ Friends should start pouring in soon.... :yes:

    By the way, do you have Skype? Lots of people on here communicate via Skype; there are even Zelda-based groups.
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