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  • Yeah that's how my uncle is, he can find people he knows from Lares to San Juan xD
    He used to have to commute a long way to the city, so he would always speed, and he became so friendly with the cops that pulled him over that they don't even write him up anymore lol

    The world just got smaller, I KNOW HER !!!!!!!! :lol:
    Ohh you have a fiance? Congrats :D

    Wow you got family all over too . . . I'll bet my uncle Andres knows some of them xD
    Woww I've never met someone with family from the same place mine is from! I got Aunts in Arecibo and family all over the area

    I feel like a noob because I drive soooooooooooo slow on the roads (if my mom even lets me!) and then I see these people zooming by me and I freak out xD
    The money isn't really needed by that point unless you skipped a lot of rupees and/or haven't bought all of the items in Beedle's shop yet, I agree. I actually never really minded the Imprisoned fights much until doing the Lightning Round; it's only obnoxious for me when I have to do them in succession.
    Well right now I'm in Connecticut, with the stray cats lol, but going back to PR in just 9 days :D

    You're from Adjuntas?? I'm right by there ! (sort of ish). We had to go to Santa Isabel once and had to drive through there . . . I thought I was gonna die xD I thought the roads in Aibonito (Hatillo) were curvy, Adjuntas was like a whole other level! It's a beautiful place though, lot's of mountains :)
    That's cool. I've beaten Skyward Sword twice now on both normal and hero mode, and it's the first Zelda game I've beaten 100%... though I can't beat all 12 battles in the Lightning Round. Technically there's not reward so it's still 100%, but I can't rest until I beat it. @[email protected]
    LOL That's hilarious, I wonder what would chase me . . . my neighborhood isn't too close to nature. We got lots of stray cats . . .
    Do cats like fried chicken?
    Now I'm scared to go outside xD
    I attended Baptist church for a few years ^.^

    I'm so lazy, even when I have free time I don't use it like I should . . . I need to work on that :S
    It's nice you go to church ^.^ That's really fading away these days, what kind of church do you attend?

    You seem very eager to get stuff done this weekend, I wish I was more like that xD
    Looking boring . . . Just the usual, lots of chores, church, etc.
    Sorry I'm not a very exciting person xD

    How's yours looking?
    I wish they had a fried chicken cologne! Haha but really I had some friends and family over tonight so I had about 3 pans of chicken frying away at the same time, it was not easy :lol:
    I'm doing good thanks :D
    Hello! Sorry for the random friend request, I just send them out sometimes to people I have something in common with xD
    It's going good, I smell like fried chicken tonight :sweat:
    How's it going with you?
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