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  • Big thanks to A Link In Time for helping me get my profile to look a little bit cooler! For those who dont know the background has Cammy from Street Fighter, she was not an original, but that never bothered me ;)
    Update on the ps3 games: MW2, DBZ Ult. Tenkaichi, inFamous, and Batman AA are all gone. I have AC 2 & Brotherhood, Call of Duty Black Ops, DBZ raging blast 2 and Mortal Kombat Komplete Kollection. Great at black ops and MK, so anyone looking for a challenge lemme know!
    So for everyone who visits my page, look me up on the ps3 network. I have the new Mortal Kombat, call of duty: black ops and MW 2 as well as the first little big planet, DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi, inFAMOUS, and Batman: Arkham Asylum
    Thanks for the friend request. May I ask how you decide to be my friend? :)
    saw your blog post, and i thought that i'd welcome you to ZD! make sure you've read the rules, and have fun fun fun! also, you can definitely ask me or another user about anything. see you around!
    Welcome to ZD. I found you because you joined my group "ambidextrous people". If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me or other members. Have fun! :)
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