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  • I agree with you. Due to Majora's Mask being a side game too, many of these questions will be left unanswered for fans to theorize about.

    That said, Ocarina of Time is the connecting point of the timeline and nearly every game after alludes to it in one way or another.
    Ocarina of Time for sure.

    I appreciate Majora's Mask's sidequests but it lacked the same revolution factor OoT possesses.
    There is only one more thing I can tell you.On your web browser, type in something like how to insert an image on zelda dungeon forums for your signature and you might find something.That's how I figured how to.If that doesn't work, go to the tutorials on forums and look for it there.Good luck!:)
    What you do is go to settings. Click edit signature picture, and click the box that has a frame on it and put in the URL code for the picture.Then click save changes and the picture should be there.
    I don't mind if you use my signatur because who doesn't want to use it!?:)
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