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  • Yeah the chat is called Insert Iron Maiden Link. So, what are your favorite movies [lol random question time].
    Cool!:cool: I can sort of play the Ocarina but I have to get better at it, much better at it. He he. Are you in band class or anything?
    Well, *sips* I had to pick up sticks in my lawn and help my dad outside. So tough because of the trees that fell down in the snowstorm!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, my chat has a lot of people you might like. Destiny, Meego, Keith, 425, Arky, Axle, Beeker, Nawf, Djinn, Athe, Sink, and Sarianae. You must be warned. There are Iron Maiden links :P
    You really need to get a skype so I can add you to my chat there. Maybe we could all do a group voice call at one point?
    Thanks.^^ I think your art is amazing too.;)

    Do yuou ever have problems finding the right skin color? I know I do! It's really maddening!XD
    Thank-you, for being awesome as well. Heh, I also saw your appreciation for Keith, he's crazy about you. Keith and I are sworn Goron brothers.
    I was browsing through the forum and came upon your post in the member appreciation thread. Thanks for appreciating me :3

    I use gimp actually so I kinda cheet with the special brushes.:lol:

    Thanks.^^ I always have a problem with shading.*sigh*
    Yeah I should probably get my homework done but sunday is always a lazy day.:sweat:

    No, I use the mouse. My sister might be getting a tablet so I might be using that soon.
    Aww. But I guess I havent had anything new for a while.

    I think I'm going to do what you do for your pictures, with the marker thing and the scanning and the colored pencils. I think I'm better at hand then at computer. Any tips for meh?:)
    Yes I mind! How dare you ask me such a rude question!:mad: Lol, jk. I don't mind.^^ I am 15. Actually I just turned 15 a few days ago.
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