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  • [Today 09:07 PM] Kazumi: Feed it twice a day and give it a snack before bed. Good day to you!

    [Today 09:06 PM] Kazumi: It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take this.

    *Hands Petman a little Kitten that is very cute that he now has to care for*

    [Today 09:06 PM] Petman1325: Crap, now I'm alone.[/quote]

    I already have two kittens. They're both fierce battle cats (When they're in the mood). Besides, my two cats are very cute. Although, the kitten in there is also kinda cute.
    June 30th, that must really suck having to wait that long for school to end. When do you go back to school?
    Same here, but I am so glad that school is finally over for me anyway is school over for you yet?
    Thats so true, maybe those people think that its funny to give me the bad rep, but as long as I think I posted good replys then I won't let it get to me. Thanks for the help with this rep thing :) The username sounds really original, where did you get it from?
    I hate this reputation thing mases has added I have gotten 3 bad reputations from someone and its the most stupidest things what do you think about the reputation system?
    Hey I haven't been on in awhile so I didn't know who this was until I saw the picture XD btw nice username
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