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  • Yep, pretty much, it's about going around and spreading happiness on these forums ^^ I got the idea after helping cease a dispute between two of my other friends, then I changed my User title to “Spreader of peace” and it all went from there :nod:
    Hey jannett, I saw you were one of SixPorts friends. Anyway, you searching for gratitude crystals? I am :nod:
    No problem, I like making people happy ^^ Tis why I made the group called "Gratitude Crystal Collector’s" :nod:
    Uh, no problem, you're very welcome.....and I'm not a sweetheart, I just like spreading gratitude....oh wait, is there even a difference >.>
    Are you looking for friends…..perchance, would you like to be an addition to my friend roster? The Great One below me is right, making friends is not a hard accomplishment…..I myself have been here for a month and already have over 100 ^^
    Not as sad as it would be if you didn't have any. Just talk to people if you want to make friends, just like I took my chance with you.
    Oh, that's so good to hear, the more here the merrier. If you make friends, hope you count me in as one. ^^
    No problem. ^^ And I am doing superb. Hope you remain active, this is a good site. Talk to me if you need any help around here. ~Ao
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