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  • D: Sorry...
    Hmm i have read good fanfictions :D But you aint interested xD But i am watching one piece, which is AMAZING! Me and my bro are on ep 480/508+ So we are almost caught up :)

    and i have been doing my english homework.
    OMG There is this cute guy who sits by me in the Drivers Ed :DD
    xD It may lead up to that. But he(the instructor said) That I do not care. I do care! I just dont show it. I know i am not the most enthused person in the world, and i do not show it, wanting for my permit ect. ITs just that, when people have a soft tone, people will tone out... I actually try to pay attention, but that ends up me thinking of something, and thats about the class! And he says i do not care r-r I have even read the book a few times. But it was boring... so i somewhat didnt absorb all of it.
    im mad at no one.... And I cant get my permit tomorrow cause ididnt do one simple, idiotic, something that will never help, and he wouldnt give me a slip to get it. But thats not why i am mad. Its my grandam calling me f******* stupid and a screw up. And my dad is gonna yell at me becasue of it. No one listens to me. He won't believe that his eay of learning is way different than my way, or what i am use to.

    I learn better from assertive, loud voice than a soft, laid back, voice. I mean When people are louder and assertive, they block my thought process long enough for me to pay attention. But he is not assertive.

    What do you prefer Assertive or calm and to quite where you may tune out. Sure he is funny, but I tune out to much by my thoughts
    Haha. Im on my period... And yes guys can get periods to, just not the bleeding. Just the emotional mood swings XD I am calm now.
    OMFG! I am ready to kill some one. God I hate being on my Period D< I am so irratable and pissy D:<
    haha xD Its okay, i really dont care :/
    But ive been going to drivers Ed fora week now and i am about to go in 25 minutes O:

    I cant go on xat any more :/ My brother said so since it might give viruses or something and i really havent been on xat in ages
    ... yea they still said that v.v no matter how hard i try, I cannot type or say anything unless its like how I act now T_T it sucks ._. oh well.
    Do you get this from other mafia games, didn't you say that you went to one of those mafia forums?

    I got confused on this. soo yeah
    Wait get what from what?? im confused, please restate tghat part. Also brb grandpa wants on. So brb in about 15 mins
    e.e good good e.e I dont want people to figure me out xD wait... Do you understand me o_O????
    Haha, you should here me when I go into major fangirl mode :P especially when I get pissed while in it Debra( my inner fangirl) will go wild xD

    Ugh e.e on the mafia, the only reason They think im confusing is cause they dont know me. I mean If you where playing you'd know how I act and everything... hopefully o.o
    Uuuh its obvious Takano is connected with Lambdelta :P But i have no idea what you are talking about xD I still need to watch Umineko
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