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Hero Of Spirits
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  • lol I would agree
    I'm in a flowers class, drug plants, animal physiology, and a religion class. Two midterms before the week is out too. *sigh*
    how about you?
    Well, i'm glad you are all okay. I was worried for awhile.
    No, she hasn't been around. She hasn't been here in a long time. She isn't part of the staff anymore. I really don't know what is up with her at all.
    hey! Man i have been thinking about you a lot! That may sound weird, but i was seeing all the natural disasters on TV in Australia and i was getting worried cause you hadn't been online.
    I'm glad to hear it was just school.
    I've had it for awhile, I got it at the beginning of december. :) I've been alright, i'm pretty busy with school myself. How have you been?
    Hey Hero! how are you today, btw are those Nerf N-Strike? or Nerf Longshot?
    Okay I'll think what I want in it and tell you tomorrow or Wednesday (It depends on how fast I decide what I want in it.)
    Boomerangs. What else? And also, my "Kokiri Quote of the Month" thing is a reference to things I say while playing Zelda for the Zelda Game of the Month Club, just so you know.
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