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  • Hey! I have a question.... is Hakumen something specific, or something you made up? I probably sound stupid for asking, but I'm curious.
    Hey there, Hakumen! I noticed that you posted on my graphics thread a long while back, and I wanted to know if you still would like for me to make it for you? I'm just now starting up my graphics thread again, and I feel terrible that I couldn't make your requests until now... I just haven't had the time until recently. :silent:
    Hey there, Hakumen. I have a quick question about your signature request... Do you mind shortening your text? It's a bit long to fit on a signature... I could do something like, "I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am Hakumen." if that's okay with you.

    Oh, and one more thing. Could you please fill out this signature request form so that I know exactly what you would like for your sig? I don't want to mess anything up...

    Signature, Avatar, or Userbar:
    Character or Object:
    Colors or Background:
    Text and Font (optional):
    Additional details (optional):

    Thanks in advance! ^^
    Hello and welcome to Zelda Dungeon! I’m Azure; it’s nice to meet you! :) I hope you enjoy yourself here and make many great posts and even more great friends! Be sure to read over the rules before you start posting, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! And last but not least…

    Have fun!! ^^
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