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  • Meli sighs and puts her head in her hands, still really mad at herself.

    Kirinen touches her arm. "Quit beating yourself up about it. it happens."

    "I did it on purpose." She doens't lift her head.

    Kirinen lets her hand fall, knowing she can't make Meli loosen up.

    "..I'm sorry, Shannon." Meli didn't know what made it slip out. It's so out of character for her, especially considering who she was apologizing to, that it unnerved her. But she was glad she said it afterwards.

    ((You act like I don't know this already. I understand that! You just won't believe me because you think you're right even though you know you're wrong.
    Weather? Oh, dear Nayru Alaskan post-winter is breakup. Everything goes slushy and wet and then--boom. It freezes over, roads suck, then we get 30 inches of snow overnight and he cycle repeats.
    Well... I'm drawing KerikiXMarceren... my strongest ship, and so adorable. You wouldn't even believe it.))
    "Wat's that?" Kirinen asked him. Her voice was gentle and calm.

    Meli stared at the ground and fumed to herself, angry for getting him hurt.
    ((Your opinion about yourself is weird right now. Until then, let us speak of... uhm... of ballpoint pens.

    Oh! Lately, I've noticed a lot of similarities between Meli and Midna. OS many by now that it's... embarrassing.))
    "What the hell did i do..." Meli mutters.

    "Relax." Kirinen told her calmly. "This is just like the thing at Sarevio."

    "That was my fault, too" Meli bit back.

    ((You don't give yourself enough credit. I've seen your work. Despite what YOU think, you're good at drawing and even better at writing, you just have serious self-confidence issues when it comes to both.

    But I don't work in color... D:))
    ((*hugs* can you edit it? I'm well aware that you can't freaking read, which is why I need to point it out to you when you fail. Cop-out cop, ON DUTY!

    Uhm... none of my refs are in color... I don't look up anime stuff like you guys do! I DRAW my refs! Uhm... I can find something, though... thanks :3

    Long days suck. A lot. I know the feeling.))
    "...Something. Anyone?" Kirinen glances around at them quickly.

    "My fault anyways." Melica draws a sword and uses it to cut off a piece of her black sleeve. She's barely keeping up her attitude in her panic, which she hides behind it like she always does.

    ((There was a party, sorry I vanished! Nice avy.
    Meli finally realizes what she did. "Oh. ****."

    Kirinen promptly hits her. "What the hell did you do?!"

    "OW! I had no idea how heavy it was!"

    Kirinen shakes her head, migraine pounding almost to bursting point. "Remind me to kill you later. Shannon, stay conscious! You're our doctor. You're the only one who can help you! Just tell us what to do." Her voice is calm but quick, understanding the urgency of the situation but trying to keep him under control. Meli starts to look nervous for his safety.
    Meli hears him and rolls her eyes. "Good God, Shannon, what the heck?" She doesn't notice how much pain he's in yet.

    Kirinen looks at them and almost immediately puts both hands up to her head. "Auhhhhh... I turn my back on her for just a second..." She goes to Shannon's side and kneels down. "Keriki?"

    Keriki does not hear, as she is still randomly spinning around. ((Like Keriki does ^^))

    My friend was begging me to let him see the level I am stuck on, and I beat it right in front of his eyes!

    Friend: play It
    Friend: play It!
    Friend: PLAY IT!

    10 minutes later...

    Friend:That happens sometimes. When I am watching somebody play a level they have been stuck on for a while, They usually beat it on the first try.
    Me:watch... I am going to try the next level.
    Friend: OK

    One defeated Validar later...

    Friend:What? WHat's wrong?
    Friend:What is it?
    Me:The vision's coming true! Chrom is going to die!
    Friend:You just screwed up bad, didn't you?
    Me:Wait, what's happening? That voice! It cant be basilio...
    Friend: Looks like chrom's not dead either...
    Me: (freaking out) YES YES YES YES!!!!!

    And That, my friend, is my reaction to turning points in videogames when I have friends around.:party:
    Melica laughs maniacally, realizes he actually may be injured and slows for a moment, then shrugs.

    Vince is the only one who notices. ((waitwhut))

    Kirinen hesitates. But then, the single perk of him having the Plague, too, was that nothing worse could possibly happen under any circumstances, no matter what she did. So she allowed herself a moment's further reprieve of the pain guilt brought her and kissed him, just the slightest peck on his lips.

    "Wheee!" Keirki starts dancing aroudn in circles, as well.

    ((Romance is... weird XD One kisses you, one makes you run into heavy things. And yet, who has the better love life, in general? The second one.
    ...yeha... *sorrowful sigh* Heh, Keriki and Xaviar make interesting friends. And by interesting, I mean they'd probably be besties if not for all this STUFF.
    Melica slows just enough to be by his side, smirks at him, then snaps her fingers. The heavy branch appears right in front of him, at about his torso.

    Kirinen sees her and presses both hands on her head. "I see what you mean. Melica's an impulsive troublemaker, as you can see... and Keriki's just happy about everything. She keeps us optimistic. Although personally, I couldn't live without either of them. Out teams are so tight-knit... we really are like family.

    Keriki laughs out loud. "Hehe! A circle of silliness, just like your spinning, Xaviar!"

    ((AAAH Um, not time, I'm watching the Hobbit! ALL OF IT! Later, Silvs :3

    EDIT: Actually... S it turns out, on the way upstairs, I tripped and fell. I had my baby brother, who had come to greet me, and he took the brunt of the blow to his face... breaking his nose. I feel so s****y about it.

    Melica continually gains speed. She realizes that Shannon is determined enough to actually beat her eventually, so she decides to start cheating next time he did. She focuses on a branch up ahead and warps it into nonbeing.

    "If Meli actually knew she was flirting, she'd approach it in a very, very different way. Trust me on this." She grins weakly through her headache. "My gods. Those two... how do you handle three people this crazy?"

    Keriki smiles. "Everybody is! It's like...I dunno. A giant circle of silliness!"

    Erm, I use that like my "amazing and not at all what you'd think it would be, which makes it awesomer" adjective now. And it is Herinen! I'd love to help you out on that. No, I'd be honored to help out on a story like Dreamers. :3))
    Oho jee, maybe you should do your homework then, Miss Silver o,o It's 8:35 there or something though so...how late are you gonna be up? I always would play around first and do my homework late at night afterwards when I was in school =P
    Melica laughs at the sound of his pain, speeding up. SHe trips over a branch, but regains her balance before hitting the ground and continues.

    "This--this is a lot extreme." Once again, Kirinen puts a hand on her forehead. "How many times have they done this sort of thing? Random fighting, or spontaneous competitions, or... et cetera? And how often does Meli start it?" Kirinen shakes her head.

    Keriki giggles. "You're so silly, Shannon!"

    ((o_O That sounds just like--nevermind. I'd love to tell you, but Era ;)
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