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flaming pickle
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  • Dude. You've been around for 4 months now? There are cheats on VMs to bypass the limit. I would not recommend using it in other places though...
    Sorry. I'll probably get the to signature in a day or two. The holidays have made me busy
    Not everyone hates the rule. And it makes it so that people have to think about their posts. All of that 30 character text at the end is frowned upon. They should actually put the rule back to 50.
    I've noticed that you want a sig and are willing to work for it. What do you want, and what can you offer me?
    There's an email address in the video description on YouTube, or in the news post on ZD's news page. Send your questions to that. Either that or use the mailbag option on the Contact Page. ;)
    I guess the Profile Pic finally payed off. :D
    Or I'm secretly a Blaziken in the real world, trying to act like a ZD geek. o_O
    I wish. :lol:

    So, what's up?
    Not really, no. I suppose you could create a Social Group for that though if you want. Otherwise the closest thing we have is the Forum Games section. It's not really spam, but it is a bit more of silly less restricted stuff. ;)
    Hey Flaming Pickle!
    Well, I have an idea for the Sages of Hyrule's Arts group. Once a month, we will hold a meeting to discuss literature (sometimes a bookclub), a piece of music (I'll post the song), and art (obviously).
    The meetings themselves will be held on our group page via discussions. And well...yeah. I hope you can come.
    They will be held on the 20th of every month.
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