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  • No problem. I promised feedback, and I delivered.

    Eh, the flipside is something you want to consider, too, but only for the sake of variety. The thing you want to think about is if you can physically perform the action. How do you croak a sentence, for example? If you find that you can't... you probably shouldn't use that word. xD
    I just posted another chapter tonight. I should have the rest of the story up in the next few days. :3
    D'awww, that's very sweet of you! I'm really flattered you enjoyed my twisted take on Zelda. The Black Mist itself has actually been long since finished, as has its sequel, The Weighted Veil, but I will continue to post the revised versions of the two stories (it's been a slow process; I can only post one chapter a day due to auto-merge silliness). When I saw that you had given the thread a like, I already felt all mushy inside, but seeing your blog post just made my day.

    I will have to return the favor at some point. @.@
    Gimp, huh? I tried that program once but it takes too long to load, lol. So I use paint and PS, although for my crappy art I use paint, I really can't get myself to understand PS fully. But anyway, yeah, I like the map very much, good job with it. :nod:
    Thanks for the writing tips in the WCC. ;)

    Since you're new here I thought I'd strike up a conversation. How are you?
    Ah, a connoisseur of grandiose lexicon [in the name].

    Welcome to our forums! ;D
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