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  • your avatar is disturbing..............seriously. put that thing away there r like children on this page!
    I doubt they will, that isn't some thing you can recover from. I can only hope they can pull enough of the pieces together...
    my dear friend DD, i will be leaving this website so please contact me through email. thankyou for the great conversations. goodbye

    - elliot carter.
    ya... well... i have 1.5 days left so imma ask sophie 2morrow. even though i might never see her again. have a good time do something fun... u should learn how to skate or something. (skateboard not rollerskate)
    you should just talk to her. you may even get the balls to ask her out.

    i have 4 days left. rise against is coming to seattle at the end of summer. my family is going to that. alkaline trio and anti-flag are coming to warped tour this year. so we're going to that as well. its gonna be pretty fun... i can't wait for school to start again... theres gonna be a sheetload of hot girls at my new school... we had enrollment night... i saw about twenty hot girls... i'm excited for that.
    the blood was fast and i was like holy sheet... i'm bleeding... again...

    everyone else was like:

    HOLY SHEET!!! he's bleeding!!! allover the basement!!! HOLY SHEET!!! hes bleeding!!! again!
    I do as well, it would be truly awful if anything happened to his family... I have a fear that she may be at risk of miscarriage now in her grief...
    And the band must be suffering greatly too... I just hope everyone can pull though, it would be a truly beautiful thing if the band is able to continue and flourish with their music in the memory of their band-mate.
    all the eighth graders from my school (including pwamimdorf) went to a graduation party at a friends house and i was jumping on someone back and i hit the ceiling. there was blood all over my hands and face. it took a minute for the blood to start pouring but when it came it came fast!!!
    fall is cool...... ... i got some stitches today... they're cool... i was at a party in a basement DURING THE DAY!!! that was the weird part.
    I'm sad to hear Paul Gray passed away recently.... I hope he went in peace...
    because its dark and gloomy? that's why its my favorite season. i got accepted to this school. its awesome... downside is... cortney... i hate her... only cuz she hates me... thats why i hate her.
    its awesome up in canada!!! i love the weather... its all... dark... sometimes. like some forests in japan... they're all snowy and lifeless. its really cool.
    your assumption is correct... she is very beautiful... she is the insane, funny, nice, fun to talk too, fun too hang out with, and she has a lot of friends.
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