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  • i found lemsip max does for me, i swear you just gotta be in the same room as that stuff to feel better :P
    You'd be surprised how nice people can be.There are some really nice people out there! And I'm happy to see you've found something you're passionate about :) You're teacher knows what he's talking about. Sixth form (12th Grade here in the States) can get boring but you'll appreciate following through. I guess the next step is just making sure you have your scholarships taken care of. Some scholarships take a year to be awarded, so when you're ready you'll want to fulfill them. Other than that life goes on.

    Speaking of the flu, I just got past mine; all I can say is good luck and load up on the Dayquil ;)
    How's it going? Anything you need help with school-wise? Feel free to shoot me a message, even if you just wanna chat :)
    I've noticed that you've called the holes in Ocarina of Time "worm holes". They're nothing like worm holes, they're just holes not even holes that were dug by worms. I guess this is bothering me so much because I know a bit about real wormholes. Just read the first few sentences from the Wikipedia artical to get a good idea of what they are.
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