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  • Ah, cool. It's a great username, by the way. :yes:

    Also, I see you've met Mandy. She's in love with Ganondorf; she calls him "Gani." lol
    I would highly recommend Majora's Mask. you can get it on wii via virtual console or just wait for MM3d :)
    Welcome to the Forums! I love your avy and profile pic
    Phantom Hourglass, huh? that's such a cute game :) sheikah are amazing!

    my favorite game has got to be Majora's Mask. It had so many meanings to it and so many twists, I love it so much.
    No problem! I love being the welcome committee. So you like gerudos, I see. Is Ocarina of Time your favorite game?
    your username.. I luv it.

    I'm Zellinkda, but you can call me Zelli if you'd like. hope you enjoy your time here!
    Welcome to ZD! If you need any help, be sure to PM/VM me, some mods or heck...any user out there! Make sure to read the rules and the FAQs! See you around~
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