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  • Okay, thanks! ^^ I was curious because ALttP is most likely going to be the next Zelda game I beat.
    These are the games I've beaten in order so far: TP, WW OoT, PH, ST LA, MC, MM, OoS, FS, SS, LoZ, OoA, FSA. I beat FSA today actually! That's all except for Zelda II and ALttP, I have started a save file in each of those and I think I'm bout half way through ALttP. In Zelda II though I haven't even managed to defeat the first boss in the first dungeon... that game is really difficult! :nod:

    You've beaten ALttP, is that game very challenging towards the end? :?
    :xd: Agreed! I have actually managed to gather 241 stars in Galaxy 2, that is all but one. But the last one is insanely hard to get, I've tried like a hundred times but I cannot seem to get it... Very well, what Zelda games have you beaten then?
    I see. :zelda: Well, if I would recommend one Mario game to you it would definitely be Super Mario Galaxy 2, that game is just as grand as any Zelda game in my opinion. Sure, Super Mario Galaxy 1 was great too, but I think SMG2 took all good things from SMG1 and made it even better. Have you played any of those?
    Zelda, Pokémon and Mario? :D Those are my three favourite gaming series, and basically the only ones I play. You wrote "classic Pokémon and Mario", do you mean classic Pokémon and classic Mario or just classic Pokémon and non-specific Mario? :?
    hello and welcome to the forums i hope youll haave a great time here. and make sure to read the rules
    :) I'm good too, thank you. Summer break started for me earlier this week, and I've been trying to beat Four Sword Adventures now that I have the time. It's a great game! :D What video games have you been playing lately?!
    Sounds grand! :) I was also lurking around a bit before I eventually decided to join the Zelda Dungeon Forum Community about one and a half year ago, and I certainly don't regret my decision to join. So, how do you do? :zelda:
    'Hoy there Beauts, and welcome to the forums! :wave: I hope you'll enjoy your time here!

    I've seen that you've made a couple of posts already, that's grand! :D If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me or any other nice member here in the forum community. :)

    So tell me, what do you think of these forums so far? :?
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