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  • No i am not the owner of Zelda UO but i am a big fan of it. Its so sad they stoppedd doing it i have mailed the creator (Scoot of Whookos) a lot but i have not gotten a response =(
    I am VERY excited. Probably more for Skyward Sword, though. I've been waiting for this game for a long time! I'm excited about OoT too. Hopefully I'l get a 3DS, and if I do, that'll be the first game I get.
    Pretty much the same, checking the forums and listening to music on Youtube.
    It's preferable that you email them to me. There's an email address in the description of any Curiosity Shop video on Youtube or in the posts for them in the news section on the main site. ;)
    Ok, Here it is!
    Tell me if you want ANY changes.


    P.S, Link looks SO awesome in Red and Black.
    Hey Man!
    I am VERY sorry I have not got to your request, I was on vacation.
    But any-hoo, You want a sig? or Avatar? I can make both if you want, so just tell me what you want on it, and I will make it.
    Then if you don't like it, you can tell me if you want ANY changes.
    I'm working on it today, so unless disaster strikes, it'll be up in time for tomorrow. Tuesday is the normal date for the Curiosity Shop, so unless something unusual happens, that's when it'll be. ;)
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