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  • Nice lol, so that's only like a few months away then, and Happy V-day to you as well :)

    That was a bit late, but I wasn't able to get on so better late then never, eh? xD
    Ahhh, that must suck getting up that early xD But yeah most likely, but ive gotta get my car running first unfortunately
    Ahhh, i see then young cousins can be cool at times and thats pretty nice of you to hang out with them :) Awww that sucks :( i hate how it melts so quickly but ive been playing cod black ops 2 and trying to get a job, though i dont believe ive played either of those games XD
    Awww, you're so lucky :) Oh, that sucks, i hope you get to keep ur wii, thatd be nice :) Oh, i actually dont have any cousins ariund me, they're all in florida :( also, its been forever since ive had a snowball fight because im allergic to snow, it makes me cold xD
    Awww that sucks...unless you didn't wanna go to school xD Hmmmm I've gone sledding before, though it was like 7 years ago so I hope you have fun :) Umm, why'd they do that with the tv, and thats pretty messed up, but I guess theres not much you can do im srry :(
    That's good, I haven't played WW in like a year now. You got wifi? Sweet lol the ground was actually frozen today for me
    Nice, is school called off there often? It never snows here :( I'm at an arcade with friends in the city then I'm going to the Zelda symphony tonight and tomorrow (got a second ticket) Life is good :)
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