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  • Oh, wow. My favorites are Avatar, Inception, The Pursuit of Happyness, Slumdog Millionaire... ahhhh! SO many!
    Hah... I liked that sig too. But that wasn't the one MrMosley complained about - the one that caused the infraction was actually my new sig with too many extra words on the side.
    Oh, boy... isn't that a drag? I've got one for acting like a Mod, one for posting too frequently on my own thread (might I say in multiple paragraphs)... and one infraction near the beginning for my sig being too big.
    Yeah, I got 3 infractions in the first week on the forums :P All for posting too big of text and too many smileys. But I love ZD. Sadly, you're not my friend because I'm not allowed to accept friend requests. I know right? :'(
    I just joined recently... but I'm an activist in trying to clean up the forums and got two infractions in the past three days for a) posting too many times on a single thread (I kind of posted just about every other post on the thread) and b) posting a reply solely for the purpose of saying that emulators were illegal (which many actually disagreed on). I love ZD and never really got any points deducted for infractions, so everything's good for now. Perhaps it's my eagerness for good and long posts and my ways of thinking like a Mod that kind of get me in hot water. :)
    Heh... I found Zelda Dungeon by searching up a walkthrough for Ocarina of Time. All of a sudden... boom! I started using ZD for OoT, ALttP, my second run of TP, LoZ and the last portion of MM.
    Just for fun, I decided that I would make a signature like you requested, but it looks like Josie beat me to it. I still have it saved if you want to use it in the future.
    I've always wondered... what's the higher honor? Hylian Knight or Hylian Noble? The knights have higher rep while the three admins are all nobles...
    I barely even made it to the top 5 - my score's 34 while the rest of their scores are way beyond my reach. There's a huge gap between the 4th and 5th spot, where I am. Anyway, I'd always been in a struggle of Arcade power for 6th and 7th place, but now I'm finally 5th. Hooray!
    I know... I meant it was a joke. Get it? Anyway... you're like in the top five in Curveball. That's really good! Anyway, I used to be really active in the Arcade (if you look at the Leaderboard, I'm number 5 overall). But I can't seem to break my records anymore. o.o
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