While ZREO wrapped up the Ocarina of Time composition last year, a project that was 6 years in the making, they have progressed their talents to a point where it wont take nearly as long this time around to get their next project done, which is known as Twilight Symphony, which naturally is orchestration and in some ways a reimagining of over 40 tracks that were originally heard in Twilight Princess.

ZREO has gotten a lot of support to make this new project progress to where it is now. From exclusive deals with Destructoid, Kickstarter, and Original Sound Version all the way to having their opening Overture for the album being played live by Play! A Video Game Symphony concert series. They also nabbed the talents of vocalist Aubrey Ashburn who has done work for the official soundtracks of Dragon Age and Devil May Cry 4.

So they are hoping to add a lot of choral voicework to this album and eventually feature a full choir of people to record some of the tracks. In essence, ZREO has gone beyond an obscure fan project and have practically reached the big time stage. They continue to do excellent work and as of now there are no plans to every charge for their music releases, which is always good news. Would be really neat to see ZREO get more involved in the fan site community and maybe start showing off some exclusives to some of the bigger Zelda fan sites (hint hint) for additional advertising within the community, but hey, the fact we are getting these pieces at all is something to be thankful for.

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