ZeldaInformer’s Revolution Day celebrations are coming to a close, but we’re not done yet! While launching a new redesign is a major change for us, and that in that of itself isn’t even close to being done yet, it doesn’t mean that is the last of what we have for you! As you guessed from the title, we are bringing you our first ever custom video content in the form of a top 10 boss video—only the first of our series of planned video content.

Top 10 Zelda Bosses

A lot of credit has to be given in the production of this video, but the only correction to the in video credits I want to make is that it was The Predator, not Ebuch, who was responsible for the music. Hopefully, though, Ebuch will be involved in our future projects, as his work at WZMR is amazing. Later today we will include YouTube links for everyone, and the video player on the side bar will have the video there too for easy access.

With that, our week long birthday celebrations come to a close. I hope you all enjoyed what we provided you this week. To close, I would just like to note a few of the key changes that have happened, as well as re-advertise some of our older material due to these changes. Firstly, with the redesign came two massive changes. One is the video player I mentioned above, and how it will be featuring our video content at ZI for easy access. The other is the significantly wider content area.

The wider content area allows us a lot more freedom with our game content, and makes some of our previous works in terms of bomber’s articles have a much nicer feel to them. Don’t believe me? Look no further then The Bombers Debate: The Nature of Zelda Canon Part 1 and Part 2. I think you’ll agree they appear a lot more appealing now then they did back when they were posted, so be sure to give them a second look. That being said, thanks for staying with us all week during these celebrations and we look forward to bringing you many surprises down the road. One thing is always certain at ZI, you’ll never know what you’re going to get.

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