Well, believe it or not, the ZI League has been going for a whole week now, and, despite some technical difficulties, it’s been an incredibly successful one!


This week has been an incredibly successful week for forum user GIFTAN, who has found himself with a whopping six badges, putting him in first place. This behemoth of a trainer even beat yours truly upon a rematch! [/ego]


In second and third place joint together are Hennet_sim and BUGdino, who each have taken four badges this week.

This week only fifteen of over sixty trainers have been able to gain themselves at least one badge, so this should go to show how tough this is, and how impressive the achievements of those at the top of the league are!

Remember- if you think you’ve got what it takes, you can still sign up any time by going to this thread!

In other news, this week’s 72 Hours Remain will arrive tomorrow, Tuesday the 29th of June, and will continue to take the Tuesday slot for an indefinite period.

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