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First off everyone, we are deeply sorry for any confusion caused so far with the apparent beginning of the contest earlier today. We were a tad disorganized in our methodology of running the competition; as both the person organizing the contest and the webmaster in charge of the prizes, were not present when we reached the goal of 2,000. Therefore we had a nightmare situation with entrants to the contest commenting and liking status updates all over our Facebook page, and even sending us e-mails. Frankly, it was unmanageable. Facebook does have a set way of doing these contests, however, we have organized to conduct ours in a unique and specific way, somewhat against the guidelines.

With all of that said, it has come time to officially begin our draw. The goal was 2,000 are we are currently at 2,053. Take the jump for the full details on how this competition is going to work and everything you need to know on how to enter. Once again we are very sorry for the mix up.

How to Win Yourself a Free Copy of Skyward Sword

  1. Head on over to our Facebook page and “like” it. People who like the page after the 2,000 mark can still enter the contest.
  2. Very soon we will post an obvious status on Facebook that is the entry status. You must comment on this status to be entered into the draw. Note that commenting on the status is the only way to enter the draw, and only that status will be excepted. You cannot enter the draw by liking the status, sending us a message, or any other means.
  3. The draw will be open for one full week. Entires will close on midnight between Wednesday May 11 and Thursday May 12th. Everyone can enter, with the only exception being Zelda Informer staff – past and present, active and inactive. Family members of staff may enter the contenst.
  4. At that time all entrants will be entered into a random draw.
  5. We will announce the winner on Zelda Informer, and then on Facebook.
  6. It will be the responsibility of the winner to pay attention and contact us to claim their prize. The winner announcement post will detail how to claim the prize, but if it isn’t claimed within a week, the winner will be redrawn.

So be sure to comment on the entry Facebook status to be entered into the draw. You can still invite your friends to enter, so long as it is before the contest runs out. Below is the status that you’ll have to find on Facebook to enter. I say find, because if you’re entering later in the week, you will have a lot of statuses to dig through to find it. Look out for this:


To enter into the draw to win a copy of Skyward Sword you must COMMENT on this status. Liking it is not enough. Entry will close on the midnight between Wed May 11th and Thurs May 12th. Winners will be announced on the Zelda Informer main page. Please read the terms and conditions (linked to below), and good luck!

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